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Find, shop, compare, and save on High Speed Internet, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Utilities, Solar, Insurance, and Mortgage Rates. There are over 300,000 home service providers offering different plans and pricing for every neighborhood in America. Our job is to make your search easy and enjoyable - to find the right plan, at the best price, for you and your family. Thank you for shopping with In My Area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does InMyArea do? is a shop and compare site that makes finding services fast, cheap, and simple. We save you money by enabling you to see all of the prices and plans for services in your area.
Why are there so few providers in my area?
We don't determine what providers are in your area, sadly. Of course, you can always request that a provider service your area through their customer service page!
The provider displayed for my zip code doesn't service my home. Why is this happening?
Sorry about that! For one reason or another, providers don't always service an entire zip code. The information in our database is based on provider data for the largest portion of a zip code.
I know a certain provider services my address, but you don't display their information. Why?
There are a lot of zip codes across the US, so we constantly work to keep our database up to date. If we haven't listed the provider that you know is available, please email us at If you are a representative of an unlisted provider and would like to be included, please contact us the same way.
The price on your website isn't the price the number I called is offering me. What happened?
We update our prices and plans on a rolling basis. Sometimes there is a lag between provider pricing changes and our website updates. We try to keep the information as current as possible, but please feel free to let us know if we're behind by emailing
I ordered a service through you, but the provider never received my order. What do I do?
Please email with the provider, service, and plan you ordered for further assistance.

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Knowledgeable quick service

Knowledgeable quick service was provided by Ashley which knew the answers to every question I had technical and non-technical.

Danes 13
Verified Review
5 Stars

Found what i wanted without me having to do the hard work

The guy gave me all the information with the best available price out there. Made my reservation for me. Worked like a manager for sports player, got us both what we wanted. I didn't even lift a finger.

Verified Review
5 Stars

All customer service reps should be this amazing!!!

Joseph took the time to help me get the best prices. He was very professional very knowledgeable about what he was doing and had a great sense of humor to top it off. Thank you Joseph , your a total sweetheart. Overall my experience...

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