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1. ADT in Gilbert

  • Most Trusted Security Provider
  • Receive $850 of free equipment
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $27.99/mo or $0.93 per day

ADT Home Security in Gilbert, AZ

ADT stands behind their ability to protect you with a Theft Protection Guarantee that will pay some of your deductible in the rare chance burglary does occur while your system is armed. ADT requires professional installation for their packages and costs starts at $99. Whether you want something for as low as $27.99 per month, or a more elaborate system for up to $59.99 per month, ADT will have you covered in Gilbert. You can choose to have CellGuard Protection which gives you back up connectivity should it ever be disrupted. ADT requires a 3-year commitment when you sign up for their security packages. After a consultation, you'll be suggested a package for your home but only agree to and pay for what you want. Sync your home automation devices to your ADT system and you'll be able to access them all on the Pulse mobile app. ADT's most basic package equips you with their keypad panel and four door/window sensors so that you're able to have a full system on a budget. When you pair your ADT device with your favorite Amazon Echo device, you're able to create a hands-free experience that just can't be beat. ADT's security keypads have everything you need in one panel. You can contact the fire, police, and medical services through buttons, set reminder tones to arm or disarm the alarm, or receive notifications when the door is opened.

Order ADT Service for Gilbert, AZ: 1-844-380-3385

2. Vivint in Gilbert

  • Best Home Automation
  • $0 activation
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $39.99/mo or $1.33 per day

Vivint Home Security in Gilbert, AZ

All of Vivint's equipment has continuous, 24/7 monitoring, meaning you'll always be aware of what's going on inside and outside your home. Seamlessly connect your Alexa device or Nest Thermostat to Vivint's system. When you sign up for Vivint's most basic package, you're getting equipment like door/window sensors and a central control panel to keep your family safe and sound. Vivint uses both a cellular and wireless connection to ensure that you're always connected no matter what. Vivint's SkyControl Panel can be integrated with any equipment that they offer. Prices range from $39.99 to $49.99 a month for a plan with Vivint in Gilbert. Professionally installing a Vivint security system couldn't be easier because installation is free. If you're worried about committing to a plan for too long, you can sign up for a contract free option with Vivint. With Vivint, you can add any other equipment you need to your security package. Vivint has a lifetime warranty on all their devices and equipment, so if you notice any problem or malfunction with their features, you're free to return and replace it.

Order Vivint Service for Gilbert, AZ: 1-844-380-9930

3. Protect America in Gilbert

  • Most Affordable Security Provider
  • Up to $1400 in free equipment
  • Locked-in rates
  • No moving fee
  • Monthly prices starting at $19.99/mo or $0.67 per day

Protect America Home Security in Gilbert, AZ

There are no tools required for installation with this provider, and it's completely doable by yourself. Protect America knows that not everyone has the same budget. That's why they have a range of prices to cover all income brackets in Gilbert, from $19.99 to $42.99 a month. All of Protect America's systems run on both cellular and landline connections, meaning you'll always be connected regardless of a sudden internet disruption. Protect America is upfront with you about everything including prices. When you sign up today in Gilbert, you get a locked in price that stays with you until your contract is over. When you pair your Protect America security system with your favorite Amazon Alexa device, you're getting an even more convenient security system handed to you, and it's hands-free! This provider's most affordable package is the Copper package, and it comes with basic door/window sensors along with a motion detector and controlling panel. As a cohesive unit, your Protect America indoor and outdoor cameras will give you the ability to see your home in Gilbert from all important angles in HD. Protect America lets you customize your own security and automation packages to your liking. Add, take away, or modify any features or equipment so that it's tailored perfectly for your family and home. If you choose Protect America, you'll be asked to sign a 3-year contract for all their services. Protect America's devices are fully compatible with each other, and you can even control your system at your fingertips with the SMART Mobile App.

Order Protect America Service for Gilbert, AZ: 1-844-381-2110

4. Frontpoint in Gilbert

  • Best Customizable System
  • $300 off if you sign up for a 3 year contract
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 1 or 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $34.99/mo or $1.17 per day

Frontpoint Home Security in Gilbert, AZ

Frontpoint gives you full access to your online portal with a personalized code from anywhere. Update your automated set schedules or change reminders for different family members all at the touch of your fingertip. Frontpoint asks that you sign a minimum 1-year contract with their services. If you stay longer, you are entitled to a major discount off your total price. Your wire-free security system from Frontpoint makes moving hassle-free since you can just pick it up and move if ever necessary. Cut out installation fees by installing this system yourself. Frontpoint provides all the instructions for you online, and it should only take about 30 minutes. Whether you're looking for a simple system or something more extensive, prices in Gilbert range from $34.99 to $49.99 per month to fit your needs. Frontpoint offers both a cellular connection and wireless connection to ensure that your security is always on alert, even if your connection isn't. This provider lets you tailor your package to your needs with the option to choose from different equipment bundles and monitoring plans. You have the ability to control your entire home security system through Frontpoint's Wireless Touchscreen Panel. Acting as the central hub, you can check the status, arm or disarm, or change your system with a click of a button. With Frontpoint, you have several different options for packages. Their most basic one includes a keypad panel, door/window sensor, motion sensor, glass break sensor, and smoke/heat sensor. Frontpoint allows you to pair your home automation and security devices with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home, making it easier to control your security in a hands-free way.

Order Frontpoint Service for Gilbert, AZ: 1-844-380-6190

5. Xfinity in Gilbert

  • Best One-Stop-Shop
  • Free basic equipment included
  • Battery and cellular back-up included
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Monthly prices starting at $29.99/mo or $1.00 per day

Xfinity Home Security in Gilbert, AZ

You're able to create a completely customized Xfinity Home security package fit for your home in Gilbert. They have a variety of equipment you can choose from to make your plan entirely yours. Xfinity Home works with what you have, so if you already have security equipment from your previous provider, it's entirely compatible with Xfinity Home's services. Xfinity Home wants to offer you the most convenient method of security possible. That's why they've made it possible for all their devices to pair with your favorite Amazon Echo or Google Home device to create a fully voice controlled smart home for you. Depending on where you live, Xfinity Home's professional installation fees can vary. Getting home security services from this provider starts at $29.99 per month in Gilbert. The prices on the equipment you want will vary. Xfinity Home requires that you commit to a 2-year agreement for their home security services. Xfinity Home's equipment integrates so that you can remotely keep tabs on your home at all times. Xfinity Home offers 3 door and window sensors, a touchscreen controller, and a wireless keypad in their starter packages, which is enough for you to arm your home against any potential threat. All of Xfinity Home's equipment has 24/7 professional monitoring, which gives you the extra help to cover all bases and prevent any dangerous situations. Xfinity Home runs on cellular and WiFi connections to ensure you're never left unarmed because of a spotty connection. Cellular acts as backup in case you encounter any laggy or spotty WiFi.

Order Xfinity Service for Gilbert, AZ: 1-844-203-4940

6. Cox in Gilbert

  • Best Deal When Bundled
  • $250-$400 equipment value included
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 2-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $29.99/mo or $1.00 per day

Cox Home Security in Gilbert, AZ

When you sign up for Cox Homelife, you're able to pick the price you want. With a range that goes from $29.99 to $54.99 per month, you're sure to find something that works for your bank account and your Gilbert home. The duration of an agreement with Cox Homelife is typically a 2-year contract. Get free professional installation when you sign up for select Cox Homelife bundles. Door locks, thermostats, lights, plugs, and sensors are all included in a basic package with Cox Homelife. Cox Homelife wants to make sure that your completely satisfied with your services. Their 90-day money back guarantee allows you to try out their product, and if you're not happy, you have the option to return it with no consequences. Get Cox Homelife to create the perfect home life for yourself. Pick and choose what type of equipment you see fit and add that onto your fully customizable package. Cox Homelife is committed to making your customer experience the best it can be. That's why you can pick from top of the line equipment and choose what works best for you -- everything from a wireless siren repeater to a central integration hub like the Homelife Hub is available for your picking.

Order Cox Service for Gilbert, AZ: 1-844-380-0193

7. Mediacom in Gilbert

  • Best for the Midwest
  • Free basic equipment included
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $24.99/mo or $0.83 per day

Mediacom Home Security in Gilbert, AZ

Mediacom offers a full refund within 90 days if all equipment is returned. Mediacom asks that you sign a 3-year contract for their home security services. Mediacom's equipment can alert you of any dangers, including fires and floods. Their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are monitored 24/7 and can alert you of any triggers, and their moisture sensor can sense when a possible leak. Use your Mediacom security system to your convenience. With customizable add-on equipment and affordable pricing, you can get a package you want for a price that doesn't break the bank. Mediacom uses the WiFi in your home to run, so make sure your connection is reliable. Professional installation is required for all of Mediacom's security systems, and the fee is as low as $99. Home security packages from Mediacom can start at $24.99 per month with optional plan upgrades in Gilbert. Standard equipment is included in the price for the base package. You can personalize your alerts on this provider's mobile app to integrate with your security cameras, so that you'll be alerted when your kids are home from school. When you sign up for Mediacom's most basic package in Gilbert, you're getting a centralized hub, motion detector, and more.

Order Mediacom Service for Gilbert, AZ: 1-844-379-1223

Estimated Residential Burglaries in Gilbert:


For 2017

Estimated Residential Burglary Loss for Gilbert:


Per Incident

Estimated Odds of Being a Victim in Gilbert:

1 in 247


Estimated Homeowners Insurance Savings for Gilbert:


Over 5 years

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Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Apache Junction

Our Home Security Recommendation Gilbert, AZ

With ADT's 24/7 fire alarm and smoke monitoring, you'll feel more secure knowing that help is always there. Never worry about whether or not you closed your garage door again. With ADT's remote controlling capabilities, you're able to close it whether you're at work or at home. Your health is also a concern for ADT. They assure you with security keypads that have fire, police, and medical panic buttons and equip you with key fobs that also have a panic button. With ADT outdoor security cameras, you're able to see all angles of your home, including your front porch, driveway, or backyard. For those wanting to protect their valuables, this is perfect as you'll have all access to what is going on in your surroundings. ADT offers same-day or next-day service, so no more waiting in your unarmed home when you can install all your equipment and devices the same day you order them. Use ADT to secure your family's safety as well as your property's safety. With the ADT Pulse App, you can access any of your home security devices with a tap on your screen. For your protection against property theft, ADT's motion sensors cover a wide range and have the ability to turn lights on when motion is detected.

Safety in Gilbert, AZ

Data from 2017 shows that the city of Gilbert experienced 3,385 property crimes. You'll find that the crime with the most reports in Gilbert is larceny-theft. Gilbert receives a grade of B for its relatively low amount of property crime in the area. When looking into Gilbert's property crime rate and number of responders, we suggest getting a home security system offering 24/7 monitoring and home automation. You'll feel more safe and secure with someone always available in case of any emergency, and it'll give you peace of mind knowing that you're covering all bases. For every 1,049 residents in Gilbert, there is one police officer. The city of Gilbert has a 46% higher crime rate than the national average.

Offense 201720162015201420132012201120102009200820072006
Property Crimes
Arson, Burglary, Larceny, Vehicle
Violent Crimes
Murder, Rape, Assault, Robbery
Arson 303120232225253828211923
Assault 11212111514113112299113109149156161
Burglary 4665645305806477268237911,0101,113996949
Larceny-Theft 2,7542,6782,6002,7662,6722,4962,8963,1353,3373,4293,5303,516
Murder 5321525413
Rape 393928271419212622262337
Robbery 513732414759566159635653
Vehicle/Auto 135126137127153164135154224391425470
Crime data is based on annual crime reports from the FBI statistics and databases. Missing numbers could mean either unreported or zero crimes.

Residential Home Security Providers in Gilbert, AZ

# Provider Installation Type Contract Length Lowest Monthly Price
1. ADT Professional Installation Required 3-Year Contract $27.99
2. Vivint Professional Installation No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract $39.99
3. Protect America DIY Installation 3-Year Contract $19.99
4. Frontpoint DIY Installation 1 or 3-Year Contract $34.99
5. Xfinity Professional Installation Required 2-Year Contract $29.99
6. Cox DIY Installation 2-Year Contract $29.99
7. Mediacom Professional Installation 3-Year Contract $24.99

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