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1. ADT in Aurora

  • Most Trusted Security Provider
  • Receive $850 of free equipment
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $27.99/mo or $0.93 per day

ADT Home Security in Aurora, IL

ADT offers CellGuard Protection on any of your home security packages today, so that you have a reliable cellular backup should your connection ever cut out. You'll find that this provider's packages in Aurora start at $27.99 per month and can go up to $59.99 per month. With certain ADT packages, professional installation starts at only $99. It's well worth the ease of mind that your security system will run smoothly. Final pricing isn't usually calculated until you finish choosing which products you actually want for your package. You will have full control of your customized security system. With ADT comes a certain level of reassurance. Regardless of what package you choose with ADT, you'll always get their keypad panel and at least four door and window sensors. Your home security experience could mainly be hands-free if you pair a device like Amazon Alexa to your ADT system. When you move to a new home in Aurora, you're eligible for the Mover's Savings Package with ADT, which gives you a 25% discount on all additional motions sensors as well as discounts for your new home security system. With ADT's home automation, you'll have a completely connected home in no time. Schedule your thermostat temperatures, turn off your lights, or lock your doors remotely with the ADT Pulse app. It will be hard for you to find any outdoor security cameras that beat the weatherproof cameras with built-in heaters that ADT offers. ADT's contracts are a commitment of at least a 3-year contract.

Order ADT Service for Aurora, IL: 1-844-380-3385

2. Vivint in Aurora

  • Best Home Automation
  • $0 activation
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $39.99/mo or $1.33 per day

Vivint Home Security in Aurora, IL

You'll find that this provider offers a no contract option for their services. With Vivint, you get a cellular, landline, or wireless connection, so no matter the spotty connection on one, you always have a backup. In Aurora, you can add on a variety of Vivint's different devices and features to create your own personalized home security package fit for you and your family. Vivint can store up 1 TB of images and videos, which is equal to a month of footage from up to four cameras. Because the system is backed up by the cloud, you can even playback minute-by-minute. When you sign up for Vivint's most basic package, you're getting a variety of equipment, with doorbell cameras, smart locks, ping cameras and more. Vivint is especially mindful of their military families. They are eligible for special promotions throughout the year. Third-party devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home will easily be able to connect to this provider's security system. You'll get free installation with the Vivint security package you sign up for. A security system with Vivint starts at $39.99 a month in Aurora and goes up to $49.99. Use Vivint's SkyControl Panel to integrate and sync all your devices up with each other, and access them from one spot in your home.

Order Vivint Service for Aurora, IL: 1-844-380-9930

3. Protect America in Aurora

  • Most Affordable Security Provider
  • Up to $1400 in free equipment
  • Locked-in rates
  • No moving fee
  • Monthly prices starting at $19.99/mo or $0.67 per day

Protect America Home Security in Aurora, IL

Home automation devices tend to connect through Z-Wave technology, and your Protect America system will actually be Z-Wave compatible so feel free to sync any additional devices you would like. With Protect America's base Copper package, you're able to receive a set of door/window sensors as well as a motion detector to help protect your home as best as you can. With no tools or special skills needed, installation for Protect America's packages all have a DIY installation option. Protect America in Aurora devised a system that allows all their home security equipment to work together to ensure your complete safety. Cameras, sensors, lights and more are compatible with each other to provide ultimate coverage. Call us to consult with a specialist about what equipment you might need from Protect America, but you make the ultimate decisions before your items are shipped out for you to install. The Trident Environmental Sensor is one of Protect America's unique products. It can sense water levels and alert you of extreme temperature conditions. Never be caught off guard with fluctuating prices every month. With Protect America, you're getting a locked-in monthly rate so you'll always know exactly what you're getting and at what price. Never leave your home unarmed because of a random disruption; Protect America works with both cellular and landline connections to ensure you're always linked to their monitoring center. Protect America requires you to commit to their plans for at least a 3-year period, regardless of what plan you sign up for. Protect America has a good number of packages that can fit into anyone's budget in Aurora. Their starting plan begins at $19.99 a month and can go up to $42.99 a month for their higher tier plans.

Order Protect America Service for Aurora, IL: 1-844-381-2110

4. Frontpoint in Aurora

  • Best Customizable System
  • $300 off if you sign up for a 3 year contract
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 1 or 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $34.99/mo or $1.17 per day

Frontpoint Home Security in Aurora, IL

Whether you're looking for a simple system or something more extensive, prices in Aurora range from $34.99 to $49.99 per month to fit your needs. The Frontpoint mobile app is just one of the features that gives you all-access to your home security everywhere you go. Receive notifications like when your detectors are triggered or when the lights are on. In case your wireless connection is disrupted, Frontpoint's system is also backed by a cellular connection to make sure you're always protected. You can expect to receive a keypad control panel and necessary sensors with the Pro Package, Frontpoint's most basic package. Put your trust in a company that has a 96% satisfaction rate from new customers - Frontpoint. If you have Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or any other Z-Wave devices, feel free to connect it to your Frontpoint system. Save $300 on your equipment cost by committing to this provider for more than their minimum 1-year agreement. Frontpoint offers full home integration with their Wireless Touchscreen Panel. You're able to control all aspects of your home security in one centralized hub and streamline all your devices and sensors. Unlike other providers in Aurora that require professional installation for a fee, this provider gives you instructions to install the system yourself. Frontpoint knows one size does not fit all. That's why they offer customization on all their plans, allowing you to choose the type that fits best for you for your home in Aurora.

Order Frontpoint Service for Aurora, IL: 1-844-380-6190

5. Guardian in Aurora

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Price-match of any comparible quote for installation and activation
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $34.95/mo or $1.17 per day

Guardian Home Security in Aurora, IL

New customers for this provider in Aurora will be asked to sign a contract for a 3-year agreement. When you sign up for Guardian today, your installation can be included in every plan, and pricing will be determined via quote for Aurora. The Guardian mobile app in Aurora works to closely monitor and control your entire home security and automation systems from almost anywhere. You'll no longer have to depend on your landline for a proper home security system. You'll be able to connect your Guardian security system with any of the smart devices in your home as long as they're 4G or LTE connectable. Guardian's most basic package comes with 24/7 monitoring, 1 touchscreen control panel, 3 door/window sensors, and 1 motion sensor to adequately secure and protect your home. Because it offers full customization, you can rest easy knowing that your Guardian plan was tailored to your needs. Get rewarded for sharing about this provider to friends and family through their referral program. It may get dark faster or slower during certain seasons in Aurora, but that won't affect your home security because Guardian's cameras are equipped with night vision technology.

Order Guardian Service for Aurora, IL: 1-844-380-5370

6. Xfinity in Aurora

  • Best One-Stop-Shop
  • Free basic equipment included
  • Battery and cellular back-up included
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Monthly prices starting at $29.99/mo or $1.00 per day

Xfinity Home Security in Aurora, IL

Each package with Xfinity Home can be tailored just for you. With fully customizable equipment packages, you're able to make it the best fit for you and your home. Professional installation in Aurora is what a majority of people use, and its price varies depending on your package and home type. Your system will always stay connected since it operates on WiFi. The integrated Xfinity Home system will allow you to access live video feed on your TV all from the comfort of your couch using voice commands. With Xfinity Home, all your equipment will interact to create the best possible experience for you. Some customers in Aurora simply choose the most basic package, and it comes with door/window sensors, a motion sensor, a touchscreen controller, and a wireless keypad. You'll be asked to a sign a 2-year contract for Xfinity Home's services. The outlet controller is a great device to have if you are looking into home automation, as it lets you control your appliances remotely. Xfinity Home security systems can easily connect to your favorite home automation devices such as Kwikset, Nest, and Ecobee to achieve a completely smart home. Xfinity Home's security services start at $29.99 per month in Aurora, and you'll have the ability to throw in some add-on equipment.

Order Xfinity Service for Aurora, IL: 1-844-203-4940

7. Mediacom in Aurora

  • Best for the Midwest
  • Free basic equipment included
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $24.99/mo or $0.83 per day

Mediacom Home Security in Aurora, IL

With Mediacom, its biggest bonus is its state-of-the-art equipment features. When you sign up for a plan with Mediacom, you're able to get a varying list of products ranging from their smart thermostat to their smart bulbs. Sign up for Mediacom and have the freedom to customize your package as you see fit. Use your mobile app with Mediacom to integrate all your security devices at home and access them all from your phone. Choose Mediacom and get home security starting at $24.99 per month. You'll also get many plan upgrade options that will include more equipment if the standard included equipment isn't enough. Mediacom wants to give you the most for the least. That's why in their basic package you're getting a centralized home panel, window decals, and a motion detector. Rest assured that this provider's monitoring station is certified by the OSHA approved safety organization, UL. This security system is offered with a 3-year contract. For only $99 you can receive professional installation from Mediacom. Because Mediacom uses a WiFi connection, it's best to bundle it with their Internet service.

Order Mediacom Service for Aurora, IL: 1-844-379-1223

Estimated Residential Burglaries in Aurora:


For 2017

Estimated Residential Burglary Loss for Aurora:


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Estimated Odds of Being a Victim in Aurora:

1 in 270


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Over 5 years

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Our Home Security Recommendation Aurora, IL

It's easy to worry about your kids when you're away – that's why ADT has made it possible for you to check in on your home via your indoor cameras through the ADT Pulse App at any time, anywhere. To prevent auto-theft, ADT has advanced garage door security that integrates with your ADT Pulse app so you can check the state of it at all times. With their door/window sensors that alert you of any unauthorized entry or exit with a 35' x 40' range, you'll know exactly who's on your premises at any given moment. For your protection against property theft, ADT's motion sensors cover a wide range and have the ability to turn lights on when motion is detected. If your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were ever to be triggered, rest assured that a monitoring ADT representative will instantly contact you and alert you on your mobile app. ADT is eligible for discounts under certain homeowner's insurance, so be sure to check with your insurer in case you need a certificate to receive even more savings every month. When you sign up for ADT home security, you're getting someone to look out for both you and your home. This provider offers a life-saving wearable panic button that you can press to call for immediate help.

Safety in Aurora, IL

The city of Aurora has a 42.1% higher crime rate than the national average. You'll find that the crime with the most reports in Aurora is larceny-theft. Aurora has a grade of B for their low property crime amount. Aurora reported 2,685 property crimes in the last calendar year.

Offense 201720162015201420132012201120102009200820072006
Property Crimes
Arson, Burglary, Larceny, Vehicle
Violent Crimes
Murder, Rape, Assault, Robbery
Arson 202112192029203121332324
Assault 350437451399425373418453531537589531
Burglary 366441471509576944947820755879921917
Larceny-Theft 2,1232,2592,4582,3562,2852,4952,7402,8093,2723,2163,3213,734
Murder 679842452124
Rape 5757604353655864
Robbery 108130130108119125158113138154172178
Vehicle/Auto 176167160117111126134138195252265285
Crime data is based on annual crime reports from the FBI statistics and databases. Missing numbers could mean either unreported or zero crimes.

Residential Home Security Providers in Aurora, IL

# Provider Installation Type Contract Length Lowest Monthly Price
1. ADT Professional Installation Required 3-Year Contract $27.99
2. Vivint Professional Installation No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract $39.99
3. Protect America DIY Installation 3-Year Contract $19.99
4. Frontpoint DIY Installation 1 or 3-Year Contract $34.99
5. Guardian Professional Installation Required 3-Year Contract $34.95
6. Xfinity Professional Installation Required 2-Year Contract $29.99
7. Mediacom Professional Installation 3-Year Contract $24.99

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