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Home Security Providers in West Orange, NJ

Find Burglar Alarm Systems in West Orange, New Jersey

1. ADT in West Orange

  • Most Trusted Security Provider
  • Receive $850 of free equipment
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $27.99/mo or $0.93 per day

ADT Home Security in West Orange, NJ

With this provider, professional monitoring is required and starts at $99. This is to ensure their system is installed correctly so that you're always protected. ADT's motion detectors cover areas as large as 35'x40', and will send you alerts and video clips if the sensors detect motion or suspicious activity. They're also able to automate the lights to turn on if the sensors are triggered. Choose between ADT's smart light switches, door locks, thermostats, and more to create the best smart home for you. When ADT home security and automation services are paired with the Amazon Echo and Dot in your home in West Orange, they can create an environment that helps you not only be hands-free, but stress-free as well. ADT's CellGuard technology ensures that you'll never have a spotty connection for your home security again. ADT knows that committing to one home for the foreseeable future can be hard, regardless of what stage of your life you're in. That's why when you move to a new home, you're eligible to receive discounts on your new system as long as you've been a paying customer for 6 months. You can pick a package from this provider in West Orange starting at $27.99 per month, or choose a top tier package for up to $59.99 per month. The Traditional package that ADT offers comes with necessary sensors, a keypad, and professional monitoring. You can expect to sign a 3-year agreement as a new customer. When you sign up for ADT's home automation, you're eligible to get a smart thermostat, which allows you not only to save money on wasted energy, but also to have a way to control the thermostat even when you're not home.

Order ADT Service for West Orange, NJ: 1-844-380-3385

2. Vivint in West Orange

  • Best Home Automation
  • $0 activation
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $39.99/mo or $1.33 per day

Vivint Home Security in West Orange, NJ

Vivint's most basic package will come with basic door and window sensors for self-installation. Vivint has a new app called Streety that keeps you in touch with other homeowners in your area. You would be able to request footage in cases of emergency, so it's like a virtual neighborhood watch. Running around your home trying to find all your different devices is always a struggle. With Vivint's SkyControl Panel, however, all your devices will sync up and integrate with each other, making it easier for you to control them all in one spot. Vivint's smart drive can store up to 1 TB of images and videos, which is roughly a month's worth of footage from up to four cameras. You also have the ability to playback minute-by-minute so that you can catch anything that you didn't see before. Vivint uses cellular and WiFi connections. Vivint is one of the providers that offers a no-contract option. Vivint's installation comes free no matter which smart security package you choose. Other home automation devices such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home will seamlessly connect to your Vivint security system. When you sign up for Vivint in West Orange, you're signing up for a plan that lets you customize the type of equipment you purchase and add onto your package. Vivint's plans start at $39.99 per month and cost up to $49.99 in West Orange.

Order Vivint Service for West Orange, NJ: 1-844-380-9930

3. Protect America in West Orange

  • Most Affordable Security Provider
  • Up to $1400 in free equipment
  • Locked-in rates
  • No moving fee
  • Monthly prices starting at $37.99/mo or $1.27 per day

Protect America Home Security in West Orange, NJ

An automated, hands-free experience has never been easier. Simply sync your Amazon Alexa device to this provider's system and start controlling your home with voice commands. Contracts are required for this provider, placed at a 3-year commitment. Protect America is all about guaranteed security in West Orange, which is why they provide both cellular and landline connectivity for their security packages. With an easy do-it-yourself installation that requires no tools, installing your new Protect America security system will be the least of your worries. With Protect America's standard touchscreen control panel, you'll always be able to control the various pieces of equipment in your home with this icon-based, sleek panel. Protect America's Copper package includes a standard control panel, 3 door/window sensors, and 1 motion detector. You'll find a package that fits your budget in West Orange with Protect America's home security plans. Their starting package begins at $37.99 a month, but you can opt for a higher tier package that goes up to $42.99 a month. Protect America in West Orange devised a system that allows all their home security equipment to work together to ensure your complete safety. Cameras, sensors, lights and more are compatible with each other to provide ultimate coverage. Call us to consult with a specialist about what equipment you might need from Protect America, but you make the ultimate decisions before your items are shipped out for you to install. When you choose Protect America, you're secured for life. Under their free lifetime warranty, they'll send you any replacement parts at no extra cost to you.

Order Protect America Service for West Orange, NJ: 1-844-381-2110

5. Guardian in West Orange

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Price-match of any comparible quote for installation and activation
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $34.95/mo or $1.17 per day

Guardian Home Security in West Orange, NJ

Guardian understands that you know your home best. That's why they're completely customizable, allowing you to choose which equipment you want in your home in West Orange. Guardian has a minimum 3-year contract requirement for all plans. Your system will rely on cellular connectivity which is always fast and reliable. Edge Essential is for those starting out with Guardian who only need a few sensors and a control panel. You'll be able to control your entire system with the help of Guardian Protection Services App since it's fully compatible. With this provider, you have the option to purchase devices like a remote key fob. It not only allows you access to your system but will double as a panic button in case of emergency. Guardian guarantees that you'll be taken care of. That's why you're eligible for a Relocation Package if you move within the first year of signing up with Guardian. Professional installation is offered for every one of Guardian's plans in West Orange, and the fee varies depending on which package you choose.

Order Guardian Service for West Orange, NJ: 1-844-380-5370

6. Xfinity in West Orange

  • Best One-Stop-Shop
  • Free basic equipment included
  • Battery and cellular back-up included
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Monthly prices starting at $29.99/mo or $1.00 per day

Xfinity Home Security in West Orange, NJ

You'll be asked to a sign a 2-year contract for Xfinity Home's services. Xfinity Home offers security systems that fit within most budgets. Their plans begin at $29.99 per month in West Orange with professional monitoring and standard equipment included. Home integration in West Orange has never been easier than with Xfinity Home. Using their touchscreen controller, you can control all your home security and automation devices all with the touch of a button. For anyone who already has a home security system in place, Xfinity Home will work with you to upgrade and connect your equipment. When you sign up with Xfinity Home, you get a provider that has cellular and wireless capabilities. Sign up for Xfinity Home in West Orange today and get their most basic package, the Performance Plus, that comes with both window and motion sensors, a wireless keypad, and more. Sign up for Xfinity Home today in West Orange and sync it up with your favorite automation device to create a hands-free experience for you and your family. Worried about installing your new equipment by yourself? Don't worry, it will be professionally installed for you with Xfinity Home. Sign up for one of Xfinity Home's plans today in West Orange and get access to their top of the line equipment ranging from a door/window sensor to a smart thermostat. You're able to create a completely customized Xfinity Home security package fit for your home in West Orange. They have a variety of equipment you can choose from to make your plan entirely yours.

Order Xfinity Service for West Orange, NJ: 1-844-203-4940

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Our Home Security Recommendation West Orange, NJ

ADT's key fob to arm or disarm your system doubles as a panic button that can alert the monitoring center of your distress right away. If health conditions are a concern for you, this would be a great option. With all of ADT's outdoor cameras, you'll have full access to what is going on outside of your home. Prevent any dangerous situations and protect your family by installing their weatherproof, HD video cameras. The motion sensor that ADT has can protect a range of 35’ x 40’ which is large enough for most rooms, and you can even customize it to turn on lights when triggered. ADT offers a 6-month money-back guarantee in the event that you're not satisfied with your services. They offer a full refund of your installation and monitoring fees. With ADT's indoor camera with night vision and outdoor camera with weatherproof technology, no intruders will go unnoticed. With ADT's garage remote monitor, you can open and close your garage door wherever you are. It'll also send alerts to your mobile device if your garage door is open or closed to ensure that your car and other valuables are safe. ADT's automation will respond if you're in a position where you cannot. If your sensors detect a fire, it'll automatically unlock your doors and turn off the A/C to ensure your safety.

Safety in West Orange, NJ

Because of the low property crime rate and high number of responders in West Orange, home automation is the smartest way to go. Be in control of what's going on at your home and stay in the loop. Larceny-theft seems to occur more often in West Orange than other crimes. West Orange's average crime rate is 28.4% less compared to the national average. For every 491 residents in West Orange, there is one police officer. Because of its relatively low amount of property crime, this city receives a grade of B. There are a reported 843 property crimes in West Orange for 2017.

Offense 201720162015201420132012201120102009200820072006
Property Crimes
Arson, Burglary, Larceny, Vehicle
Violent Crimes
Murder, Rape, Assault, Robbery
Arson 421111342
Assault 525251593335314729493730
Burglary 138119113136152148201131156178162196
Larceny-Theft 616650524487481436518402504496501684
Murder 111212
Rape 9179125162
Robbery 323738364431433540424851
Vehicle/Auto 85746983527078485377132181
Crime data is based on annual crime reports from the FBI statistics and databases. Missing numbers could mean either unreported or zero crimes.

Residential Home Security Providers in West Orange, NJ

# Provider Installation Type Contract Length Lowest Monthly Price
1. ADT Professional Installation Required 3-Year Contract $27.99
2. Vivint Professional Installation No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract $39.99
3. Protect America DIY Installation 3-Year Contract $37.99
4. Frontpoint DIY Installation 1 or 3-Year Contract $49.99
5. Guardian Professional Installation Required 3-Year Contract $34.95
6. Xfinity Professional Installation Required 2-Year Contract $29.99

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