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1. ADT in Henderson

  • Most Trusted Security Provider
  • Receive $850 of free equipment
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $27.99/mo or $0.93 per day

ADT Home Security in Henderson, NV

You'll be asked to commit to a 3-year agreement for ADT's services in Henderson. ADT's most basic package comes with four door/window sensors as well as a feature packed keypad, making it possible for you to get the best quality for the cheapest price. Scare off any unwanted intruders with this provider's advanced motion detectors that can turn the lights on when motion is detected while its armed. ADT offers CellGuard Protection on any of your home security packages today, so that you have a reliable cellular backup should your connection ever cut out. Sign up for ADT today and be eligible to save on your homeowner's insurance with an ADT Homeowner's Insurance Certificate. Choose a package from this provider with prices starting at $27.99 per month in Henderson. You can also choose a top tier package going upwards of up to $59.99 per month. With this provider's smart system, you'll be able to power your smart home with the Pulse app. Sync your doors, thermostat, lights, and appliances to have remote access to your home. If you have any third-party automation devices, it should easily connect to your new ADT security system. Tailor your package to the features that are most important to you. No package with ADT is ever set until you agree with it., For some packages, professional installation start at a low $99.

Order ADT Service for Henderson, NV: 1-844-380-3385

2. Vivint in Henderson

  • Best Home Automation
  • $0 activation
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $39.99/mo or $1.33 per day

Vivint Home Security in Henderson, NV

Vivint utilizes wireless and cellular connections to ensure your system is always connected and properly running. Vivint offers equipment that you can't find anywhere else. Their doorbell camera auto-records and notifies you of any activity near your front entrance and with clear HD video 24/7, you'll always know who's at the door. Vivint offers both contract and month-to-month options with their security services. Vivint is a leader in home automation, and their products will allow you to connect devices such as an Amazon Echo or Nest's Thermostat. Vivint's professional installation fee comes free with every package. This provider also understands installation of equipment can depend on the layout of your home, so they also include free design consultation. You have the freedom to add on this provider's different devices and features to create a personalized home security package fit for your home and family. Vivint offers the SkyControl panel in Henderson, which allows you to control every aspect of your home through a user-friendly touch screen. It gives you full integration of your security and automation systems so that you can lock the front door, turn off the bedroom lights, or control the temperature with the click of a button. Vivint's most basic package includes both door and window sensors. You have the option to self-install to cut down on extra fees. When you sign up with Vivint today, you're able to download their new app Streety, which lets you engage with your neighbors' properties and keep an eye out for each other. Vivint's plans in Henderson begin at $39.99 per month and can go up to $49.99.

Order Vivint Service for Henderson, NV: 1-844-380-9930

3. Protect America in Henderson

  • Most Affordable Security Provider
  • Up to $1400 in free equipment
  • Locked-in rates
  • No moving fee
  • Monthly prices starting at $19.99/mo or $0.67 per day

Protect America Home Security in Henderson, NV

Protect America's equipment is compatible with each other, so each device would be working together to ensure your safety. This provider asks that you sign a 3-year agreement for their home security services. Spotty security connection invalidates the entire point of having 24/7 security to begin with, which is why Protect America has made it a point to provide cellular connectivity with its security systems. Protect America gives you the flexibility you need to design a home security system that's tailored for you and your family. You can add on, take away, or modify any features or devices you want. In Henderson, you can find Protect America packages ranging from $19.99 to $42.99 a month. Protect America has a unique piece of equipment called the Trident Environmental Sensor that can warn you of extreme temperatures and track water levels. Protect America wants to make everything as convenient as possible, which is why they partnered with Amazon Alexa devices to allow a hands-free experience for all your security needs. Once you commit to Protect America, they'll lock your monthly price so that you're never caught off guard with any spiked or fluctuating prices. Protect America's most basic package includes a control panel, 3 door/window sensors, and 1 motion detector for all your basic security needs. This provider's packages can be installed by yourself, which will save you the money that you would have spent on professional installation.

Order Protect America Service for Henderson, NV: 1-844-381-2110

4. Frontpoint in Henderson

  • Best Customizable System
  • $300 off if you sign up for a 3 year contract
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 1 or 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $34.99/mo or $1.17 per day

Frontpoint Home Security in Henderson, NV

Pro Package is the most affordable equipment package that Frontpoint offers, and it already has all the equipment you need for basic home protection. Frontpoint's packages are affordable for anyone's budget. In Henderson, packages start at $34.99/month and can go up to $49.99/month. With Frontpoint, they want to make sure you love your services or you get your money back. For the first 30 days, it's completely risk free and if you're not satisfied, you can cancel for a full refund. Frontpoint gives you the option to customize your own plan, and you can choose from their two equipment bundles and three monitoring plans. Frontpoint gives you the ability install your own home security system, and cut out that one extra cost. Frontpoint requires you to commit a minimum 1 year to their services, and if you stay longer, you can get a major discount off your total price. Frontpoint wants to provide a service that helps you sleep at night. Get their new Frontpoint Wireless Touchscreen pad today in Henderson, and make sure your home automation is all centered in one place. Frontpoint's Wireless Touchscreen system integrates your entire system into a one stop hub at the center of your home, so you never have any confusion on how things work and where they go. Frontpoint can pair up with other home automation devices, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Z-Wave technology, to create the ultimate hands-free environment. In case your wireless connection is disrupted, Frontpoint's system is also backed by a cellular connection to make sure you're always protected.

Order Frontpoint Service for Henderson, NV: 1-844-380-6190

5. Cox in Henderson

  • Best Deal When Bundled
  • $250-$400 equipment value included
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 2-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $29.99/mo or $1.00 per day

Cox Home Security in Henderson, NV

To sign up for this provider's services you'll need to commit to a 2-year contract. A simple package to start off with Cox Homelife allows you to control your door locks and appliances. For those with larger pets, Cox Homelife may be your best option. With sensors are immune to pets up to 85 pounds, so your furry friend will never accidentally trigger your motion detectors or alarms again. Cox Homelife knows that price is a difficult subject. That's why they've offered price points ranging from $29.99 to $54.99 per month, so everyone can find something they can afford in Henderson. Cox Homelife comes with equipment you just can't beat. With equipment ranging from the central hub that can connect all of your devices to a smart plug, you're sure to find something that works for you. Each customer has different needs depending on home and family size, so Cox Homelife has a variety of add-on devices made available to you after you choose the most fitting bundle. Leave the sweat and heavy lifting to the professionals. Standard security installation for Cox Homelife is free on some of their bundle options.

Order Cox Service for Henderson, NV: 1-844-380-0193

Estimated Residential Burglaries in Henderson:


For 2017

Estimated Residential Burglary Loss for Henderson:


Per Incident

Estimated Odds of Being a Victim in Henderson:

1 in 164


Estimated Homeowners Insurance Savings for Henderson:


Over 5 years

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Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Kingman, AZ

Our Home Security Recommendation Henderson, NV

ADT's outdoor cameras function as motion sensors, so you're able to see what exactly is going on outside your home and especially near your garage if a potential auto theft were to occur. With the ADT Pulse App, you can check the levels of carbon monoxide and temperature status in your Henderson home at any given moment just by going on your smartphone. Use your ADT Pulse App to keep an eye on your home even when you're away. With instant alerts and live footage recordings via your indoor and outdoor cameras, you'll never miss anything. ADT has the city of Henderson covered. Local fire departments are always quickly contacted in case of fire emergencies. With indoor and outdoor cameras along with a doorbell video camera, anyone that comes to your door will be recorded and reported right back to you. Need your new security system up and running as soon as possible? ADT offers same-day or next day service. ADT integrates health with security. Within your system, there are panic buttons prepared that will connect you to the appropriate lines for your emergency. You'll see it on your keypads and key fobs.

Safety in Henderson, NV

5,507 different property crimes have been reported in Henderson for 2017. Henderson's average crime rate is 26.2% less compared to the national average. Due to its low amount of property crime, a grade of B has been awarded to this city. The most popular crime in Henderson is larceny-theft. We recommend choosing a security system that has 24/7 monitoring and home automation based on the crime rate and number of responders in this area. Residents would benefit greatly from having someone on duty all the time, and there's never enough protection against any potential threat or harm. In general, there is one police officer for every 823 residents in Henderson.

Offense 201720162015201420132012201120102009200820072006
Property Crimes
Arson, Burglary, Larceny, Vehicle
Violent Crimes
Murder, Rape, Assault, Robbery
Arson 211920292230444372616588
Assault 218278194195154208314311295222289283
Burglary 1,0891,2371,3561,3971,4051,4081,2801,2801,4111,5421,7891,600
Larceny-Theft 3,7563,6173,4633,5313,4163,3863,0693,4063,1413,4433,2153,614
Murder 10104384284595
Rape 869498894561583556906663
Robbery 240235180165160172197189257212227237
Vehicle/Auto 6416305304955375014285106198291,2891,460
Crime data is based on annual crime reports from the FBI statistics and databases. Missing numbers could mean either unreported or zero crimes.

Residential Home Security Providers in Henderson, NV

# Provider Installation Type Contract Length Lowest Monthly Price
1. ADT Professional Installation Required 3-Year Contract $27.99
2. Vivint Professional Installation No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract $39.99
3. Protect America DIY Installation 3-Year Contract $19.99
4. Frontpoint DIY Installation 1 or 3-Year Contract $34.99
5. Cox DIY Installation 2-Year Contract $29.99

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