Home Security Providers in New York, NY

Find Burglar Alarm Systems in New York, New York

1. ADT in New York

  • Most Trusted Security Provider
  • Receive $850 of free equipment
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $27.99/mo or $0.93 per day

ADT Home Security in New York, NY

In the case that a burglary happens when your ADT system is armed, this provider will pay up to $500 of your deductible under their Theft Protection Guarantee. You'll have to commit to a 3-year agreement for ADT's services. When you pair your ADT device with your favorite Amazon Echo device, you're able to create a hands-free experience that just can't be beat. When you sign up for ADT, professional installation will start at $99 depending on the package you choose. Ranging from $27.99 to $59.99 per month, you can pick and choose which plan works best for your family in New York. Some pets can trigger false alarms, so ADT has great motion detectors that can be programmed to certain sensitivity levels. Landline connectivity is reliable for the most part but in case of a disruption, ADT has CellGuard to back your system up with cellular connectivity. Choose between ADT's smart light switches, door locks, thermostats, and more to create the best smart home for you. ADT's most basic package equips you with their keypad panel and four door/window sensors so that you're able to have a full system on a budget. With this provider's smart system, you'll be able to power your smart home with the Pulse app. Sync your doors, thermostat, lights, and appliances to have remote access to your home.

Order ADT Service for New York, NY: 1-844-380-3385

2. Vivint in New York

  • Best Home Automation
  • $0 activation
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $39.99/mo or $1.33 per day

Vivint Home Security in New York, NY

Fully customize your Vivint package to create a unique fit for you and your home by adding on the equipment you think are necessary. Vivint's SkyControl touchscreen panel gives you the power to control all aspects of your home, including your locks, lights, and temperature. It integrates your entire home security and automation systems into one user-friendly tablet. A threat doesn't always come in the form of a person. Vivint's equipment protects you from all of them. Their carbon monoxide detector will alert you when toxic gases are at an unsafe level. You can get a home security plan in New York from Vivint starting at $39.99 a month, or you can opt for a higher tier plan going up to $49.99. If you're afraid of signing a long-term commitment, no worries. Vivint offers both contracts and a month-to-month option. You can connect your Vivint security system and smart devices to achieve the ultimate smart home. Command your Amazon Echo or Google Home to lock the front door or turn off the bedroom lights with just the sound of your voice. Vivint tries to move past just being a home security and automation provider. They have a charity called Vivint Gives Back to bring together families and help children with intellectual disabilities. For Vivint, there are no installation fees. A professional installer will come install your system for free. Vivint's most basic package is offered in New York and would secure your doors and windows of your home. Vivint's equipment stays connected through your home WiFi network.

Order Vivint Service for New York, NY: 1-844-380-9930

3. Protect America in New York

  • Most Affordable Security Provider
  • Up to $1400 in free equipment
  • Locked-in rates
  • No moving fee
  • Monthly prices starting at $19.99/mo or $0.67 per day

Protect America Home Security in New York, NY

Despite what your budget may be, there is a plan for you in New York with Protect America since there are prices ranging from $19.99 to $42.99 per month. You can use third party devices, like Amazon Alexa, Dot, Echo, or Z-Wave technology, with this provider's home security and automation systems to create the ultimate integrated home. Never be caught off guard with fluctuating prices every month. With Protect America, you're getting a locked-in monthly rate so you'll always know exactly what you're getting and at what price. Protect America provides compatibility amongst all its devices, ensuring your home is safe regardless of what device is being used. Because they all work together to keep you updated and informed, you'll never be surprised again. This provider offers complete customization of their home security and automation packages in New York. You can add on as many features and equipments you want so it tailors perfectly to your home and family. You can expect to commit to this provider for a 3-year agreement. This provider's touchscreen control panel fits right into your home with its modern and sleek design. You have everything you need right on its large display, and its simple interface makes it user-friendly for the whole house. Choose the form of connectivity that works for your location in New York. Your options include landline, broadband, or cellular connection. With an easy do-it-yourself installation that requires no tools, installing your new Protect America security system will be the least of your worries. Sign up for Protect America's base Copper package, and enjoy a standard control panel, 3 door/window sensors and a motion detector.

Order Protect America Service for New York, NY: 1-844-381-2110

4. Frontpoint in New York

  • Best Customizable System
  • $300 off if you sign up for a 3 year contract
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • 1 or 3-Year Contract
  • Monthly prices starting at $34.99/mo or $1.17 per day

Frontpoint Home Security in New York, NY

With Frontpoint, you have the flexibility to choose which package works best for you. Their starting package, the Pro Package, includes a keypad panel and different sensors to fully arm your home. You have the ability to control your entire home security system through Frontpoint's Wireless Touchscreen Panel. Acting as the central hub, you can check the status, arm or disarm, or change your system with a click of a button. Frontpoint gives you the ability to pair any of your security devices with the Google Home or Amazon Alexa, making it easier for you to go through your day without a hassle. You have to sign a minimum 1-year contract with this provider, but if you choose to stay longer, you're eligible for a major discount off your total price. With Frontpoint, you can be assured that they have a low malfunction rate. Use Frontpoint to get a plan anywhere between $34.99 and $49.99 per month depending on the type of plan you want. With a range like that, you can get a quality plan for an reasonable price in in New York. Frontpoint supports you with a set of instructions so you can install the new system yourself and cut out installation fees. You'll love that Frontpoint offered in New York is completely customizable, so you're able to just pay for the features you want. Frontpoint offers both a cellular connection and wireless connection to ensure that your security is always on alert, even if your connection isn't. Frontpoint's Wireless Touchscreen system integrates your entire system into a one stop hub at the center of your home, so you never have any confusion on how things work and where they go.

Order Frontpoint Service for New York, NY: 1-844-380-6190

5. Xfinity in New York

  • Best One-Stop-Shop
  • Free basic equipment included
  • Battery and cellular back-up included
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Monthly prices starting at $29.99/mo or $1.00 per day

Xfinity Home Security in New York, NY

When you sign up for 24/7 video recording, you'll get a discount on your camera equipment. Xfinity Home makes home automation easy with equipment like the Zen Thermostat, which allows you to add settings based on your daily routine. Xfinity Home offers many equipment choices for their security system, but 24/7 monitoring comes standard on all of them starting at $29.99 per month in New York. Depending on where you live, Xfinity Home's professional installation fees can vary. Your system will always stay connected since it operates on WiFi. When you sign up for Xfinity Home, you're getting the option to pick and choose whatever equipment you want as an add on. Xfinity Home has a minimum 2-year contract length. Sync any of your favorite home automation devices like your Google Home or Amazon Echo with your Xfinity Home home security system and create a fully hands-free experience. Xfinity Home's most basic package is anything but basic. With a wireless keypad, door and window sensors, a touchscreen controller and more, you're sure to be fully equipped. Don't worry about leaving your home. When it comes to Xfinity Home, your sensors, cameras, and thermostats can all be remotely accessed.

Order Xfinity Service for New York, NY: 1-844-203-4940

Estimated Residential Burglaries in New York:


For 2017

Estimated Residential Burglary Loss for New York:


Per Incident

Estimated Odds of Being a Victim in New York:

1 in 460


Estimated Homeowners Insurance Savings for New York:


Over 5 years

Our Home Security Recommendation New York, NY

ADT's key fob to arm or disarm your system doubles as a panic button that can alert the monitoring center of your distress right away. If health conditions are a concern for you, this would be a great option. ADT door and windows sensors are best suited for those who want to protect their valuables in their home. You'll be immediately alerted of any door or windows opening without authorization, and you can even set up to activate the cameras when it senses any motion. Within 6 months, if you are unsatisfied with your system, ADT offers money back guarantee. You'll be able to get your installation and monitoring fees back. Download the ADT Pulse App for your home and get the benefits of a home security system controlled completely from the palm of your hand. With ADT's state-of-the-art home automation, you're able to remotely arm, disarm, or check the status of your home anywhere from your mobile device. You're able to view live feed from all indoor and outdoor cameras, lock the garage doors, or activate smart locks and keypads to fully protect your home and family. ADT's outdoor cameras can be placed anywhere because of their weatherproof design. Virtually view every angle, most importantly the driveway and garage, of your home if an auto-theft was taking place. In the event that there is a fire, ADT can contact the emergency responders for you so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Safety in New York, NY

You'll find that this city has a low property crime rate and a high number of responders, so we suggest going beyond home security and opting for home automation. This will give you complete control of not just outside but inside the house as well. We've decided to give this city a safety grade of B for its relatively low amount of crime. In New York, you can expect to have one police officer per 237 residents. In New York, you'll find that the most popular crime is larceny-theft. Compared to the nation's average, the crime rate in New York is 27.6% less. Data from 2017 shows that the city of New York experienced 124,815 property crimes.

Offense 201720162015201420132012201120102009200820072006
Property Crimes
Arson, Burglary, Larceny, Vehicle
Violent Crimes
Murder, Rape, Assault, Robbery
Assault 29,77130,87330,54631,46031,76731,21129,82927,30926,45724,83127,29526,908
Burglary 11,10412,04114,09815,91616,60618,63518,15917,92618,78019,86720,91422,137
Larceny-Theft 107,976106,868108,376112,107117,931115,935112,864111,370112,526117,682115,318115,363
Murder 292335352333335419515536471523496596
Rape 2,3752,3722,2442,1901,1121,1621,0921,0368328908751,071
Robbery 13,99515,54416,94616,58119,17020,20119,77319,60818,59722,18621,78723,511
Vehicle/Auto 5,7356,3697,3867,7247,4348,1909,43410,31910,69412,44013,25615,936
Crime data is based on annual crime reports from the FBI statistics and databases. Missing numbers could mean either unreported or zero crimes.

Residential Home Security Providers in New York, NY

# Provider Installation Type Contract Length Lowest Monthly Price
1. ADT Professional Installation Required 3-Year Contract $27.99
2. Vivint Professional Installation No Contract, 3 or 5-Year Contract $39.99
3. Protect America DIY Installation 3-Year Contract $19.99
4. Frontpoint DIY Installation 1 or 3-Year Contract $34.99
5. Xfinity Professional Installation Required 2-Year Contract $29.99

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