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Cable Entertainment With ALLO Communications

ALLO Communications is based in Nebraska and serves communities all over the 308 area code. A diverse telecommunications company, they offer local telephone, long distance, broadband,  Internet, and cable to its customers.

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Service Area

ALLO Communications offers services to over 20 cities in Nebraska.


ALLO Communications uses an all-fiber network that offers:

  • Caller ID displayed on TV
  • Watch current channel while browsing other channels
  • 100% digital signal
  • Video On Demand (Kids and family shows, Karaoke TV, Golf TV, Sports, Illusion TV with Doctor Who)
  • Media sharing
  • Access to premium channels, PayPerView events, new releases, and foreign films


Depending on the package you get, ALLO Communications Cable can come with any of the following:

  • Set top box
  • Total Home DVR (One DVR serves your entire connected home)
  • Total Home HD Equipment


Customers can also enjoy:

  • Wireless TV Boxes: Enjoy mobility within your home and watch from any room, without being bound to a cable jack
  • Start-Over TV: Exclusively available through ALLO, you can rewind and watch the last four hours of programming on the most popular channels. With this feature, you can record every participating channel, with having to hit the 'record' button or use up DVR storage.
  • Instant Channel Change: No more delays when surfing the channels. This feature allows seamless and instant shifts between shows.
  • Total Home DVR:  You can record up to four shows at once from any television in the house. This comes with 600 hours of storage and playback options.
  • Total Home HD: 70+ channels in high-def.

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If you simply want cable (without any bundles) from ALLO Communications, the Standard plan is $80 per month that comes with 110 channels and 90-day free trial of DVR and premium Start-Over TV.

Optional upgrades are also available and  they include:

  • Set Top Boxes (STB):  Each STB; $5/month
  • Total Home DVR (with Premium Start Over TV): Serves your entire connected home; $15/month
  • Total Home HD Equipment:  High Definition TV; $5/month
  • Expanded TV: 200+ channels; $10/month
  • Works TV:  200+ channels, 85 movie channels, Total Home HD and DVR, Premium Start Over TV; $60/month
  • HBO : 10 channels; $16/month

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