BendBroadband Delivers Cable TV Service Central Oregon


BendBroadband/Bend Cable Communications, LLC

BendBroadband and its parent company, Bend Cable Communications, have served the Central Oregon area for more than half a century. BendBroadband started out as a local telephone service provider to several rural communities. The company was also one of the first to offer high-speed internet to the region in 1997. Bend Cable changed the company name to BendBroadband in 2003 to reflect their concentration on high-speed internet service, while still supplying customers with the latest in cable TV technology.

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Service Areas

With a service area of over 1,300 square miles and 100,000 homes, BendBroadband covers one of the widest territories in the western U.S. From the company's headquarters in Bend, Oregon, BendBroadband serves unincorporated areas of Deschutes County and numerous small communities in the region, including:

  • Black Butte
  • Culver
  • La Pine
  • Madras
  • Metolius
  • Prineville
  • Powell Butte
  • Redmond
  • Sisters
  • Sunriver
  • Terrebonne

TV Service

BendBroadband offers its customers the latest in cable TV technology. All of the company's TV packages are 100 percent digital cable, which gives the viewers clear picture and crisp sound on every program. Customers with high-definition (HD) televisions can also select packages that include HD broadcasts, as well as the equipment to decode the HD signal. Viewers can also choose packages that include music channels, video-on-demand (VOD) movies, pay-per-view capabilities, and premium sports and movie channels.

Internet Service

In addition to the extensive listing of cable TV channels, BendBroadband customers can also benefit from some of the highest internet speeds offered by a residential service provider in the entire country. With over 15 years worth of experience in providing high-speed internet access, BendBroadband has constructed a network that can enable home users to download their favorite movies and TV shows from services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon at blinding speeds.

Alpha Network

One of the methods that BendBroadband uses to bring customers their cutting-edge technology is the installation of a wireless network hub the company has labeled Alpha. The Alpha hub allows users to record and play back programs on a digital video recorder (DVR) from any room in the house. The patented Alpha User Interface displays TV shows, movies and streaming content in an easy-to-understand menu or traditional grid guide. The Alpha gateway unit includes 500 gigabytes of storage, which the user can push to 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) with an external hard drive.

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For a company of only about 200 staff members, BendBroadband holds it own quite well against the national carriers. While BendBroadband employs much of the same technology as the "big boys", the company shows the advantages of local ownership by its flexibility in management and its response times to customer service queries.

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