Blue Ridge Communications Cable TV Provider


History Of Blue Ridge Communications

Blue Ridge Communications was originally known as the Palmerton TV Signal Corporation and wasfounded in 1950 in Palmerton, Pennsylvania. The company underwent several name changes before settling on their current moniker in 1999. They offer television, phone, internet and security services, all of which can be bundled together. Blue Ridge Communications currently provides cable television services to167,000 subscribers.

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Service Areas

Blue Ridge Communications provides cable television services to subscribers in the areas of Central Pennsylvania and the Poconos. Stand alone stores where customers can sign up for services, pay bills, and pick up equipment are available in the following areas:

Duncannon, York Haven, Ephrata, Palmerton, Gilbert, Ponoco Summit, Hawley, Stroudsburg, Lansford, Tunkhannock, Leighton, Walnutport, Mansfield, Wellsboro, Milford


Some key benefits of Blue Ridge Communications are as follows:

  • Digital cable subscribers will have access to 46 commercial free music stations broadcasting music in every popular genre from modern pop to classical.
  • An on screen guide makes it easy to find out what is playing on every station for days into the future.
  • Subscribers can watch cable TV stations on their computer or mobile device using the Blue Ridge To Go feature.
  • Discounts on your monthly cable bill are available if you choose to bundle your television service with internet and home phone service.


Subscribers will need to lease a receiver box from Blue Ridge Communications in order to watch cable stations on their home televisions. The box must be installed by one of the company’s technicians for a fee.

  • Analog Cable Receiver: Basic receiver with limited capabilities.

  • Digital Cable Receiver: Receiver capable of receiving digital cable stations and offering specialized services like on screen guides.

  • HD Cable Receiver: Receiver capable of broadcasting stations in high definition.

  • DVR Cable receiver: DVR features allow users to record and store programming to be viewed at their convenience.

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For an additional fee, subscribers can access premium content and features on top of the basic channel lineups.

  • Special Programming On Demand: Programming from Disney Family, the Anime Network and WWE is available on demand.

  • Sports Packages: Premium sports programming is available from the NBAMLBMLS and NHL.

  • Movie Channels: Up to 40 channels of movies are available from HBO,CinemaxShowtime, and Starz.

  • Spanish Language Programming: As many as 14 channels broadcast exclusively in Spanish.

  • Blue Ridge Apps: Access newsweathergames and more with custom apps that run on your television.


Plans are available to accommodate the needs of any TV watcher.

  • Broadcast Basic: $22.86 per month, includes access to local channels available in the area.

  • Basic+: $65.04, includes access to local channels and popular national networks.

  • Digital Gateway: $70.00 per month, includes access to on demand programming, on screen guides and music channels.

  • Digital Basic: $75.99 per month, includes access to 250+ channels and all the features mentioned above.

  • Digital Basic+: $80.99 per month, includes access to 300+ channels and all the features mentioned above.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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