Boxfish Brings Viewers New Shows Before The Internet, News, Or Social Media Can


Boxfish: A New Way Of Watching TV

Smart searching tools are everywhere. Your Internet uses cookies to advertise items you’re likely to be interested in on the websites you frequent. Your smart phone has a “Recent Calls” tab so you can easily access the people you like the most. And Netflix observes what you watch and suggests similar programming to keep you interested. But did you also know that your cable provider has the same capabilities?

Introducing Boxfish, the platform that captures every word on 1,000 different channels of TV in real time. But how can this improve a cable television user’s experience? By processing these words in real time,Boxfish creates live alerts, trending topics, and a constantly updating search tool to keep you in the loop in the world of television. In layman’s terms, Boxfish is the Google of the cable TV universe, and it will change the way we watch TV for good.

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How It Works

Not everyone is in the loop about what’s trending on television. Rarely, if ever, does a person have time to sift through all their channels to see which shows are worth their time and which are trending. Even those who are in the loop have a difficult time keeping up with everything on the small screen. For example, you don't have to watch an hour of a bill being passed by the Senate if you're more interested in watching The Walking Dead and Game of ThronesBoxfish compiles the need-to-know data from all of the TV channels to create a comprehensive database of the things you might be interested in, important trending topics, and an up-to-date, searchable database.

But do we really need such a device? Think of it this way: how many times have you logged on to your Facebook account to find out that your friends are pushing out dozens of statuses concerning the season or series finale of a show you only vaguely know? You turn on your television and find that you are five or six seasons behind, so unless youbinge-watch for days on end, you will never be caught up in time to talk about it with your friends. The show just turns into another series your friends will constantly be talking about when you all meet up again, but you will have no knowledge of. Boxfish helps get you out of this trend by showing you the television shows that are trending before you find out about them on social media or the news.

But that’s not all that Boxfish is good for; Boxfish also creates live alerts, so you’ll never miss out on a new show or important news report again. Often times a person can get caught up watching their favorite show and completely miss an important news report. Boxfish prevents this from happening by implementing a “Trending” tab on their platform. From there, you can see exactly what is new and important on television. For bigger reports, Boxfish often creates a tab as it did for the 2012 US political elections.

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Coming To A TV Near You

With all of this information in mind, you might be wondering how you can get this device for yourself. On top of downloading the device through your smart phone or tablet, you might already be using the Boxfish interface through your cable provider’s smart phone or tablet application. Boxfish has over 100 third-party developers using its technology for their own video discovery tools. This includes big cable providers and consumer electronics manufacturers attempting to better understand their viewers.

Regardless of whether it’s a Boxfish-based platform or a platform all the company’s own, the interactive viewing and constant updates that companies like Boxfish provide will alter the way we watch TV completely.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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