Buckeye Cable System Telecommunications Provider


History Of Buckeye Cable Systems

Buckeye Cable System began to operate under its current name in 2001. Before that, they were know simply as The Cable System. The company provides television, internet, and home phone services across a regional area. Buckeye Cable System was named the 2011 System of the Year by Communications Magazine. They currently provide cable television services to 132,000 subscribers.

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Service Areas

Buckeye Cable System services reach subscribers in Northwest Ohio and sections of Southeast Michigan. Contact the company directly to find out the specific services available in your area. Cable TV is offered in the following locations:

Toldeo, Sylvania, Holland, Waterville, Maumee, Perrysburg, Rossford, Northwood, Oregon, Sandusky, Bay View, Castilia, Huron


The Buckeye Cable System will pay satellite TV subscribers up to $200 for their dish and outside equipment once the service contract has expired.

  • Subscribers can get free service calls if they experience any problems with their cable TV service.
  • Exclusive coverage of local sporting events is available through the Buckeye Cable Sports Network.
  • Parents can control which stations and programs their children have access to using built in parental control features.


A converter box will need to be installed in the home in order to receive cable broadcasts. HD broadcast are only available where noted. In order to watch cable stations on multiple televisions, subscribers may need to lease multiple converter boxes.

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  • Digital Converter Box: A standard converter box that can broadcast digital cable signals.
  • HD Converter Box: Both standard and high definition channels can be broadcast through this box.
  • DVR Converter Box: Subscribers can record and store TV programming to watch at their convenience using a DVR.
  • Buckeye Media Gateway: HD channels, DVR functions, and special features can be accessed on up to six televisions through this one device.


On top of the basic channel lineups, subscribers can access premium programming and features for an additional monthly fee.

  • HD DTA: With one of these devices installed, subscribers will automatically receive the HD broadcast of a station when it is available.
  • Premium Movie Channels: Subscribers can watch movies on HBO,Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, Encore and The Movie Channel.
  • Spanish Language Channels: Eight channels broadcast exclusively in Spanish.
  • Music Channels: CD quality, commercial free music stations in a wide variety of genres are available to listen to 24 hours a day.


You can choose the plan that best meets your TV watching needs.Different plans offer access to different features and channel lineups.

  • Standard Service: $64.49 per month, includes access to 70+ channels
  • Digital Gateway: $77.44 per month, includes access to music station and pay-per view channels.
  • Digital Bronze: $87.49 per month, includes all the features mentioned above, plus an expanded channel lineup
  • Digital Gold: $132.99 per month, access to premium movie channels is included in the service fee

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