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Providing a wide range of services, including cable, TV, and Internet, Citizens operates across a 248 mile regional open access fiber network. Additionally, the company is partnering with other open access networks in Virginia, such as the Mid Atlantic Broadband Cooperative (MBC) and Bristol Virginia Utilities (BVU).

With federal broadband grant obtained in 2010, Citizens partnered with the New River Valley Network Wireless Authority (NRVNWA) to expand its coverage and strengthen the effectiveness of its technology. Citizens' mission statement is to provide exceptional products, thereby helping to assist in the economic revitalization efforts of Southwest and Southside Virginia. As such, Citizens brings a wide range of services together in a package tailor-made for almost any need.

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Service Areas

Citizens services seven counties in Southwest Virginia and eight industrial parks.


As a regional full service communications provider, more choices could mean better value for the viewer and Citizens provides a range of services: land-line telephone, VoIP (voice-over IP), Web and e-mail hosting, DSL, and FTTP (Fiber to the Premise). In short, Citizens has invested in the top technologies available in the industry.


  • Cable TV - Cable TV has been around a long time because of its convenience and simplicity; Citizens offers something to fit every need, and flexible packages.
  • Phone - With local plans, long distance services, and digital, you can customize your phone plan or bundle it with your TV and Internet.
  • Internet - Whatever speed you're looking for, whether it is basic or premium, Citizens has a plan that might work for your budget.
  • Citizens Personal Video Recorder - Rewind, fast forward, and pause live TV on your own schedule with no compromises. You get 178 hours of standard recording and 44 hours of high definition recording.


With both digital and analog choices, you will find something to your liking. Some consumers still prefer a simpler way to access television content. Citizens offers analog services and a la carte plans.

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Crest - $59.95 per month Access nearly 200 of the most popular programming channels with music and movies

Signature - For $44.95 per month

Access to over 180 of the nation's most requested programming channels plus music

Standard - $34.95 per month

Analog a la carte pricing

Basic - $13.95

Analog a la carte pricing

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