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Technologies Of Dish Network

Dish Network began operations in 1996 as a service of satellite television provider EchoStar. They became independent from EchoStar in 2008. Dish Network currently has 34,000 employees, and provides television service to just over 19 million homes. In 1999 they became the first provider to offer a tuner capable of receiving high definition signals. Today, they continue to expand their service offerings and develop innovative technologies.

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Dish Network is available anywhere you are permitted to install an outdoor satellite dish with access to the southern sky. Service is not available in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. The specific services available depend on the location of the subscriber, but basic service is available everywhere in the continental United States.

Customer benefits now include:

Subscribers with an HD Dish Network receiver can watch movies and television in 1080i picture resolution, the same level of picture quality currently available on Blu-Ray discs.

DVR tools allow subscribers to watch commercial-free television. They can also store multiple shows and movies on a single DVR.

With certain features, subscribers can access Dish Network content through their mobile devices. They can watch live TV, or access content that they have stored in a DVR.


In order to receive a Dish Network signal, subscribers will need to lease one of the receivers below. It is also necessary to purchase a satellite receiver that will be installed on site. There is an additional fee associated with installation.

  • Solo 311: This is Dish Network's most basic receiver. It provides service to one television in 480i picture resolution.
  • Solo ViP 211K: This receiver offers the same features as the Solo 311, but can transmit signals in both standard and high definition.
  • Solo DVR 512: A standard definition receiver that supports DVR features which allow you to record movies and television shows .
  • DuoDVR 625: Two televisions can run off this one receiver and utilize DVR tools
  • Solo DVR ViP 612: Advanced DVR tools allow you to watch and record shows at the same time.
  • Hopper: This is Dish Network’s most advanced receiver. It offers HD signals, DVR tools and picture in picture viewing.

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In addition to their standard broadcast packages, Dish Network offers a number of channels that are available for an additional monthly fee.

  • Premium Networks like HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax allow subscribers to watch new and classic movies.
  • International Packages allow subscribers to watch television from around the globe in a wide variety of languages
  • Sports Packages let subscribers watch teams and games that would not normally be broadcast in their market.

The following packages are available:

Subscribers can select a plan based on how many channels they would like to watch. Basic plans can be supplemented with additional channels and features.

  • America's Top 120: provides access to 190 channels.
  • America's Top 120 Plus: provides access to 190 channels as well as regional sports networks.
  • America's Top 200: provides access to 240 channels.
  • America's Top 250: provides access to 290 channels.

Dish Network offers wide variety of service packages and equipment options to appeal to any television-lover.

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