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Cable TV With ETC

ETC has been a family-owned company for the past 50 years. ETC is part of, an initiative to keep your cable bill as low and fair as possible. Offering Internet, cable, phone, and home security services, ETC is Northern Georgia's connection to the world.

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Service Area

ETC service Northern Georgia including Cherokee County, Pickens County, Gilmer County, Fannin County and Polk County.


Customers of ETC can enjoy:

  • Low priced add-ons
  • Ability to use your 3G/4G data plan to stream TV on your phone
  • Premium EDGE Packages that include movie channels such as HBO, Encore, Cinemax, and Starz


All ETC boxes offer VOD and commercial free music stations, as well as carry the higher channels, depending on which cable package you want.

  • HD Digital Receivers: $7.48 per month for the first box, and $4.99 for any additional.
  • DVR Boxes: $12.48 for the first box, $9.99 for any additional


Features include:

  • Music channels
  • Video On Demand and PPV access
  • Movie Packages
  • Ability to watch TV on laptop or tablet, or any Wi-Fi enabled device

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The basic cable plans offered by ETC are:

  • Choice: includes 76 premium and HD channels, including local channels. $45.99/month
  • Choice Plus: includes 101 premium and HD channels, including everything in Choice Package. $67.99/month
  • Choice Prime: includes 139 premium and HD channels, including Choice and Choice Plus Packages. $81.99/month

Customers can choose to add on to their plans with these supplemental plans:

  • Choice Gateway: includes 59 digital music channels and PPV access. Premium "iGuide" TV Guide, Video On Demand, Movie Access on Video On Demand and PPV. additional $2.49/month
  • HD: includes 21 premium HD channels. Only available with Choice Package.
  • HD Plus: includes 49 premium HD channels

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