Rovi And Fan TV Team Up To Improve Your Cable Experience


Rovi’s Recent Acquisition Of Fan TV Is Good News For Cable Viewers

There’s a lot of devices available today which seek to enhance your TV experience by hooking your TV up to the internet. Rovi, Chromecast, Apple TV, and others are constantly releasing new and updated devices to make your media streaming experience more comprehensive. What all these devices have in common, however, is a distinct lack of integration with whatever cable TV service you may already have. All these devices function separately from your existing cable channels and provide separate services - and that’s what makes Fan TV so special. Fan TV was first released in spring of last year. It’s designed to integrate with and connect to your existing cable service, a proposition that was met with some surprise. Many responded to the announcement by stating that the device probably wouldn’t get picked up by any companies and fade into obscurity due to a lack of support from big TV providers. However, these concerns now seem trivial - early this month, Fan TV was bought by Rovi, one of the biggest providers of set-top boxes and TV guides. Fan TV is now available for Time Warner Cable subscribers, meaning that the device is now accessible for a large portion of the TV-viewing population. SEE ALSO: Top 3 Football TV Packages

What Fan TV Can Do

Even when it was first released, Fan TV was lauded as an innovative and streamlined replacement for existing set-top boxes and TV guide systems. The system is techy and next-gen: it’s a small, sleek white rectangle with no visible buttons or distinct markings. The look of the device is definitely an improvement over clunky set-top boxes and remotes, and Fan TV also works to improve the functionality of traditional cable boxes. Fan TV functions exclusively through touch features, a combination of swipes and taps replacing every button on your TV remote. The high-tech hardware also means easy setup, comparable to a Roku or a Chromecast. Setup is as simple as plugging in a couple of cords, eliminating the need to call a cable guy like you’d need to with most set-top cable boxes. The device also boasts lower energy consumption than the traditional cable box, a pretty important feature taking into account recent reports, which have criticized traditional cable boxes for excessive and inefficient usage of power.

Replacing The Traditional Cable Box TV Guide

Fan TV is not just a piece of hardware, however. The system seeks to restructure the entire experience of a TV guide, replacing the clunky and often difficult to navigate interface that comes with a traditional cable box. This new interface is sleeker and faster, and also has the added option of integrating with services like Facebook, in case you want to add a social aspect to your TV habits. The software also boasts a personal to-watch list, music streaming, a cloud feature which allows you to search by actors or directors, and a universal search feature that can find what you’re looking for from a range of different services. The combination of software and hardware has many reviewers and media outlets calling Fan TV revolutionary. The tiny box replaces and simplifies your cable box, remote controls, and TV guide in one fell swoop. The device is also surprisingly low-cost, with a $149 price tag. That’s pretty impressive, considering that many traditional cable boxes still utilize a monthly equipment fee. SEE ALSO: Everything You Need To Know About Internet Based TV

What This Means For The Future Of Cable

Rovi’s acquisition of Fan TV is exciting news, and not only for those who already have and use cable. Fan TV is partly a media streaming device, offering features similar to systems like Rovi and Chromecast. However, the system has the added bonus of collaborating with cable TV and making the cable experience more streamlined, modern, and comprehensive. This means that Fan TV offers some cord-cutters an incentive to reconsider cable, and for the younger generation of TV-watchers it may be motivation to get cable for the first time. Overall, Fan TV is a high-tech, easy to use, comprehensive device, and in a time when many are calling traditional cable boxes outdated and undesirable, Fan TV may be exactly what cable needs.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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