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When Grande Communications was established in 1999 with the largest ever single round of venture capital funding in Texas history, they became the first company in the state to offer a truly bundled package of telecommunications services. Today they provide cable television service to over 140,000 subscribers. They are the primary cable provider to dormitories at several of the State's largest universities, and place a strong emphasis on regional sports programming.

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Service Areas

Grande Communication is a regional telecommunications company providing service to three of Texas' largest cities. They provide telephone, television, and internet services to monthly subscribers. Cable television is available in the following areas:

Dallas, Midland, Odessa, Waco, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, Corpus Christi.


All cable packages include access to high definition stations for no extra charge.

Over 4000 movies and televisions shows are available to watch on demand. Most are free, but newly released movies typically cost a small fee.

Three MoviePlex movie channels featuring new, classic, and independent movies are included in all cable packages for no extra charge.

Access to the Longhorn Network allows you to follow 20 different University of Texas sports all season long.


Analog channels can be accessed by simply plugging your television into a wall jack. But in order to access digital stations and features, you will need to get a receiver box. One is included free with every plan, but if you want to watch cable stations on more than one TV you will need to get additional boxes.

  • Scientific Atlanta Digital ReceiverThis is the standard receiver available in Austin, San Marcus, San Antonio, and Waco

  • Motorola Digital Receiver: This is the standard receiver available in Corpus Christi, Midland, Dallas, and Odessa

  • HD/DVR Receiver: Both of the standard receivers mentioned above can be equipped to receive HD stations and include DVR features, but these features do not come with the baseline models.

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In addition to your basic channel lineup, there are a number of features and services that you can add to your cable package. In some cases these are free, and in others they will require a monthly fee.

  • Flexscreen: Anyone with a subscription to Grande cable television can use their account information to log into a special section of Grande's website that has access to content from hundreds of popular providers. This allows you to watch movies and televisions shows on your tablet, laptop, or smart phone wherever you are.

  • Spanish Language Stations: Subscribers can choose a package that provides access to 19 stations that broadcast entirely in Spanish.

  • Sports Content: The NFL Network and NFL Red Zone can be watched in HD for a monthly fee.

  • Movie Channels: Dozens of different movie channels form HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz and Encore can be subscribed to.


Two cable plans are available in all areas. The specific cost and channel lineup will depend on your location.

  • Preferred TV: $49.99 per month, includes access to 150+ channels.

  • Premier TV: $67.98 per month, includes access to 225+ channels and additional sports, movies, and children's stations.

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