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Hawarden Integrated Technology, Energy and Communications (HITEC) is a city wide network of fiber optic cables that is owned by the residents of Hawarden, IA. This network allows local government to provide communication technologies to schools, businesses, and private citizens. The system was started after the city realized it needed a better way to manage its electrical grid. Although it was initially very expensive to build, the system generates revenues which ultimately flow back to the residents of Hawarden. As many as 92% of all possible subscribers have signed up for at least one HITEC service.

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Service Areas

HITEC serves the residents of the city of Hawarden, IA. They offer phone service in addition to cable television. Service can be arranged by visiting the Communications Building at 716 Ave I, Hawarden, IA 51023. They are open 7:30am to 4:30pm on weekdays.


Since the HITEC system is owned by the people of the Hawarden, they typically charge rates that are below the national average. That also means that they have some flexibility when providing services. All cable packages include access to local news, sports, weather, and arts programming. Access to national political coverage on C-SPAN is also included in all packages.

Cable stations broadcasting exclusively in HD can bring crystal clear pictures into your living room 24 hours a day if you have the right equipment. You can follow all the Iowa Hawkeyes sports teams on the Big Ten Network.


You will need to have a cable receiver box hooked up to every television that you want to watch digital cable channels on. Basic cable can be accessed by plugging your TV into a wall jack. HITEC offers two models of receiver that have different features and a different monthly rental price.

Standard Receiver: You can watch all channels you have subscribed to in standard definition. You also get access to music stations, on-screen guides, and Pay-Per-View.

HD DVR Receiver: This receiver allows you to get a HD quality picture when watching stations that are broadcasting in it. DVR allows you to record and store live programming to watch whenever it is convenient.


After selecting a basic cable package, you can add features to it to expand your channel offerings and access to special programming.

Premium Movie Channels: Watch thousands of different movies on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and more.

Spanish Language Channels: Ten different channels featuring sports, news, movies, and children's programming broadcast exclusively in Spanish.

Pay-Per-View: For a small fee you can watch the latest Hollywood movies in your own home.

DMX Music Channels: 41 digital music stations representing a wide range of genres broadcast commercial free 24 hours a day.

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HITEC is unique in that they offer both a very basic package for casual viewers, and a very feature rich package for people wanting more choices. Pick the one that provides the channels and features you like, and that best meets your television watching needs.

Local Package: $14.94 per month, includes access to 12+ channels.

Basic Package: $38.95 per month, includes access to 60+ channels.

Digital Basic Package: Begins at $10.00 per month. Additional monthly fees for equipment and content are required.

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