Marianas Cable Vision Broadband Serves Guam



Mariana Cable Vision Broadband, also known as MCV Broadband, is a telecommunications company that serves Guam. It offers cable television, telephone and broadband Internet services. In 2005, MCV Broadband was acquired by Seaport Capital, an investment company headquartered in New York City.

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Local Customer Care

MCV Broadband says that it delivers “local style” customer care and its mission is to become the best communications provider in Guam. Currently, it provides customer service assistance 24 hours per day, seven days per week. It promises customers quality service and reliable signals. It also stays involved in with the communities in which it works through employee participation programs and donations. For example, MCV Cable Cares, a division of MCV Broadband, assists the Guam community through contributions to non-profit organizations/programs that benefit the region’s youth.


MCV Broadband’s residential service and product offerings include:

  • 64 analog channels
  • 46 digital channels
  • 20 HD channels
  • 20 premium channels
  • 4 pay-per-view channels
  • 46 music channels
  • Asian and Australian programming
  • Video on Demand. New releases are only $3.99 and others are as low as $2.99
  • Multiple Internet speeds from which to choose that range from 2,000 kps to 15,000 kps
  • Local and long-distance phone service that include six basic features with the ability to add on seven additional features such as call barring and call transfer

MCV Broadband’s business service and product offerings include:

  • MCV Business Phone: For $29.99 per line per month, this includes 9 free calling features.
  • MCV Business Internet: This is Guam’s fastest and most reliable Internet service.
  • MCV Business Video: This includes a comprehensive HD platform and includes local high definition channels as well as 46 commercial-free music channels.

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Pricing and Bundling

Prices will vary, and when services are bundled, customers will save. The “Best Value” bundle package is $83.00 per month and basic television, local phone service and online 2.0 (2,000 kps). Other bundled packages range from $104.00 to $196.00 per month.

Upgrades and special promotions are available. MCV Broadband often runs contests and sweepstakes on its Facebook page where free Video-On-Demand coupons may be won.

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