MI-Connection Offers Cable TV Service North Carolina


MI Connection Communications System

The telecom provider MI-Connection is one of a few such companies owned by the towns in which they do business. In 2007, the towns of Davidson, Mooresville and Cornelius agreed to purchase the assets of the former Time Warner Cable providers. The "MI" represents Mecklenburg and Iredell, the two North Carolina counties the company serves. According to local reports, MI-Connection has endured some rough patches, but the company plans to expand its technology and extend its reach.

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Coverage Areas

MI-Connection serves over 35,000 homes in the northern suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina. In recent years, this area of the state has transformed from small, rural hamlets into bustling centers of residential and commercial development. As a major banking center, the Charlotte area is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country, with over 1,300 people per square mile in the MI-Connection service area.


MI-Connection provides telephone, high-speed internet and cable TV services through its fiber-optic network. The fiber-optic technology often provides a higher degree of reliability than traditional cable TV or satellite services. Customers can enjoy dozens of channels in high definition (HD), video on demand (VOD) and digital video recording (DVR), all with professional customer service and highly-skilled technical support. The network also provides business users with broadband internet access, telephone solutions and audio/video services.


MI-Connection offers several options for customers interested in cable TV, high-speed internet and telephone service. Customers can purchase each of these services separately, or they can select a bundle of services that combine all of the costs on one monthly statement. The bundle builder application allows customers to select their services, TV channel packages, and internet speeds. The web site then generates the estimated monthly costs, which enables customers to choose a plan that fits both their desires and their budgets.


The cable TV packages available at MI-Connection allow users to select from over 300 channels, with additional packages available for premium movie channels, Spanish-language programming and live sporting events. The company also offers residential internet speeds of up to 60Mpbs for downloads and up to 10Mbps for uploads.

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The community-oriented approach that MI-Connection takes in its business practices allows the company to provide the latest technology along with traditional customer service. Since the residents are shareholders in the company, they can truly say that MI-Connection is "my connection".

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