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NewWave Communications Bundles Save Money


NewWave Communications is a broadband and cable company based out of Sikeston, MO. In 2006, they purchased cable systems in Illinois from Charter Communications. The company currently serves around 90,000 customers in rural areas of the Midwest but has plans to expand services. It was announced in 2013 that NewWave Communications had been acquired by the private equity firm GTCR.

Service Areas

NewWave Communications operates in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, and Indiana. They have communications stores in the following locations:

Litchfield, Paris, Taylorville, Westville, Anna, Carmi, DuQuoin, Farifield, Mt. Carmel, Olney,  Sparta, and Vandalia, Illinois; Ashdown, and Pigot, Arkansas; Brazil, Clinton, Mitchell, and Vincennes, Indiana;  Dexter, and Kennett, Missouri.

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You can save money on your cable service when you bundle it together with Internet and telephone services from NewWave Communications.

  • CD-Quality music streams 24 hours a day on 37 separate stations.
  • Parental controls allow you to pick and choose the programming your children have access to.

When you have NewWave Communications phone service, Caller ID information gets displayed directly on the TV screen.


Cable subscribers who purchase the basic cable service do not need any equipment to start watching cable channels; they simply need to connect their television to a cable outlet. Digital cable subscribers need the following:

  • Cable Box: The box you receive will depend on the features that you subscribe to. Every television will need to be connected to a cable box in order to access cable stations.
  • Remote Control: A specialized remote control will need to be used to control the cable box. This remote will be supplied to you when you sign up for services.
  • Gateway DVR: To customers in select areas, NewWave Communications offers a whole home DVR system that allows you to access all channels and recorded material from any television, eliminating the need for multiple cable boxes.


After selecting a basic cable service, you can customize it with the features that are most interesting to you.

  • Family Plus Pak: This package offers expanded access to channels that are aimed at children and families.
  • Sports Pak: Get extra coverage of local, college, and professional sports all season long.
  • Premium Movie Channels: Watch the latest new releases on a wide variety of premium movie channels.
  • Total TV: This package gives you access to every channel and feature currently available.

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NewWave Communications offer a basic cable package and all other features are purchased a la carte.

  • Expanded Basic: $59.99 per month. It includes access to the most popular channels for news, sports, movies, and music.
  • Digital Cable: $67.99 per month. It includes access to interactive guides, parental control, and streaming music stations.
  • DVR Cable Package: $76.00 per month. It includes all of the features in the digital package as well the ability to record and store live television.
  • HD Cable package: $73.98 per month. It includes all the features in the digital package as well as access to select HD programming.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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