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Premier Communications is a full-service telecommunications company serving areas of rural Iowa. They offer telephone, Internet, and cable television services. In order to meet the needs of all their customers, Premier Communications offers a wide variety of packages and plans that offer differing levels of service.The company is based out of Sioux Center, Iowa, and maintains several brick and mortar locations throughout the state.

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Service Area

Premier Communications provides cable television to subscribers in rural Iowa. Service is available in the following communities:

Akron, Boyden, Dickens, Doon, George, Granville, Hinton, Hull, Ireton, LeMars, Little Rock, Maurice, Melvin, Merrill, Orange City, Rock Rapids, Rock Valley, Sanborn, Sioux Central, and Webb.


  • You can use parental controls to restrict what your children watch.
  • Bundling your cable service with telephone and Internet can save you money on all three.
  • Digital cable features an interactive guide that shows you what is playing on every channel.
  • Customer service is available online, over the phone, or in person.


Basic cable just requires a cord running from your television to a wall-mounted cable outlet. All other cable packages require every television on which you want to watch cable channels hooked up to a receiver box that is rented from the cable provider.

  • Standard Set Top Box: The standard receiver box will allow you to access digital cable channels and features
  • HD/DVR box: In order to watch cable broadcasts in high definition, you need a special HD receiver box. This box is also equipped with DVR features that allow you to record and save live television.


Digital cable packages include more than just a basic channel lineup. The following additional features are also included with all subscriptions:

  • Digital Music Channels: Commercial-free, CD-quality music streams 24 hours a day on music stations dedicated to a wide range of genres.
  • Spanish Language Channels: Certain stations broadcast news, sports, movies, and family programming entirely in Spanish.
  • Premium Movie Channels: For an additional monthly fee you can watch new and classic movies on premium movie channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax.
  • Pay-Per-View: The biggest Hollywood movies play on pay-per-view right after they leave the theater.

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Premier Communications offers several different cable packages to meet the needs of all subscribers:

  • Limited Basic: Includes access to over 20 channels including local stations.
  • Basic: Includes access to over 70 of the most popular cable channels.
  • Digital Basic: Includes access to over 140 channels and special digital features.
  • High Definition: In addition to the stations listed above, this package provides access to 40 channels that broadcast completely in HD.

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