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Service Electric Cable TV & Communications

Service Electric Cable TV & Communications is family owned. It is locally operated and was founded in 1948 by John Walson Service Electric Cable TV and Communications (SECTV). It was the nation’s first community antenna television system —later to be known as cable TV. Located in Lehigh Valley, PA, SECTV is a leader in telecommunications. It offers cableInternetphone services andequipment to both residential and commercial clientele.

For the past 60 years, SECTV has offered its subscribers the latest in products and services. Through their affiliates, SECTV provides telecommunications to eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey. Offerings include broadband and telephone service in conjunction with two of their partnersPenTeleData and Ironton Telephone.

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SECTV's Many Services

While SECTV provides a wide range of services to all of their clientele, cable and bundled services lead the way.

Cable services include:

  • Lifeline: $19.49 a month includes features such as 27 Lifeline channels (included in these are two Hispanic language channels - Telemundo and Univision).
  • Full Channel lineup: $69.99 a month includes features such as 27 Lifeline channels, and 87 full channel lineup channels.
  • HD services:  There are three types of HD services offered; two are free with HDTV, HD converter or Cablecard Rental and one is $9.00 a month.
  • Video OnDemand: With two offerings, customers can watch their favorite shows or movies from the comfort of their home. Rates vary. Shows include: HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz and more. Disney Family Movies are $4.95 per month.

Bundled services include:

  • Valu-PIC: This is available for $112.95 a month. It includes phone, Internet and cable. Some of the features are: 27 Lifeline channels, 87 Full Channel Lineup, three online Broadband video channels, and more.
  • Cable and phone: For $85.95 a month, this bundle includes phone and cable only. Features include 27 Lifeline channels, 87 Full Line up Channels, 1 Cable TV connection, and 1 DTA per household.

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Promotional offerings are also available and will vary. New subscribers are always given discounts and promotions. For example, ESPN News is now offered with HD tier on channel 526. WTAP is now offered on the Full Channel Lineup on channel 126. Plus, if a customer tells a friend, he or she will receive one free month of cable TV service. In addition, the friend will receive free installation plus their second month free on all services ordered.

All SECTV services are supported by service professionals. They are at the ready to assist with all needs and concerns. And, the complete channel lineup includes more than 365 channels; there is something for everyone. The TV I Guide also helps customers to find exactly what they want to watch. SECTV says that it is a leader in telecommunications and that it is “wired to the future.”

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