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TruVista Brings Experience To Residential And Businesses


First established in 1897, TruVista is one of the oldest communications companies in the country. They are headquartered in Chester, SC, and provide cable, Internet, and telephone services to both residential and business customers. In 2012, they purchased a cable system in Stephens County, GA, from Northland Communications. This signaled the first time that TruVista expanded their service offerings outside of South Carolina.

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Service Area

TruVista provides cable and communications services to customers in South Carolina and Georgia. Service is available in the following towns:

Camden, Chester, Ridgeway, Winnsboro, Great Falls, Lewisville, Toccoa, Toccoa Falls, Franklin Springs, Lavonia, Royston, Bowersville, Canon, Clayton, Mountain City, Tiger, Wiley, Lakemont, Dillard, Raybun Gap, and Sky Valley.


You can receive discounts on your monthly cable bill when you bundle your service with Internet and telephone services.

DVR features allow you to record broadcasts when they first air and watch them whenever it is convenient for you.

An interactive programming guide makes it easy for you to find out what is playing on every station at any time.

TruVista will credit you $100.00 when you switch your service from Dish Network.


You need to have a set top box attached to every television on which you want to watch cable stations.

  • Motorola DCT 2000: Standard set top box with limited features.
  • Motorola DCT 6208 HD: Set top box capable of broadcasting HD stations.
  • Motorola DCT 3416 HD/DVR: Set top box with DVR capabilities and access to HD channels.
  • Motorola DCX 3400: Advanced Set Top Box with expanded DVR features.
  • Motorola DCH 3200: Advanced set top box with enhanced audio and video quality.

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After selecting a basic lineup of channels, you can elect to add additional features to your cable subscription.

  • High Definition: Watch movies, news, and sports on channels that broadcast exclusively in HD.
  • Movie Channels: The latest new release movies play on HBO, Showtime, and Starz.
  • Pay-Per-View: Get access to premium movies and sports content on-demand.
  • Spanish Language Programming: Several stations broadcast exclusively in Spanish.


You can select the plan that best reflects the television watching preferences of you and your family.

  • Lifeline Basic: $20.99 per month. It includes access to 18 channels.
  • Prime: $61.49 per month. It includes access to over 70 channels.
  • Full: $71.48 per month. It includes access to over 170 channels.
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