What Cable Can Do (And Netflix Can't)


Why You Shouldn't Cut The Cord On Your Cable Just Yet

It may seem like more and more people are cutting the cord on their cable subscriptions, but is completely switching over to services like Netflix the right move for you? As accessible as online streaming appears, abandoning cable comes with more losses than missed appointments with your cable guy; some of which may be reason enough to keep that cord intact.

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Reason #1: Brand New Episodes

Sure, Netflix is getting a lot of praise for its successful original series 'House Of Cards' and 'Orange is the New Black', but their impressive list of popular television shows are weeks, if not whole seasons, behind. That's because the most relevant and widely talked about shows are still owned by network cable companies. Their brand new episodes are almost exclusively aired on cable television, where they can later be watched, for a premium price, on Hulu Plus.

Reason #2: Another 'Streamageddon'?

If you are solely dependent on your Netflix queue to watch your favorite movies and television shows, be wary. On May 1st 2013, 1,800 titles expired from Netflix Instant streaming, a day commonly referred to as 'Streamageddon'. And it could happen again. Because online streaming is practically in its infant stage when compared to cable, being at the mercy of Netflix and Hulu means you are also vulnerable to the shaky contracts and sudden policy shifts that the companies implement. Cable is relatively predictable by comparison (excluding the always rare exception, such as Time Warner Cable/CBS recent fiasco).

Reason #3: Live Sports

Die-hard sports fan? You might want to reconsider switching out cable for a Netflix subscription. With only a Netflix account, say goodbye to watching the season opener or enjoying the Super Bowl from your living room couch. Watching sports in real-time is not an option for Netflix users. Lamented by even those trailblazing the no-cable movement, the thrill of watching the game is secluded to the cable dominated tube.

Reason #4: Cable Has Leverage Over New Movies

With the rising competition from sites like Netflix and Hulu, cable companies are pulling out the big guns to get quality content for their channels. In 2011, FX acquired 28 of the 50 highest grossing movies of that year and continues to hoard the blockbusters into 2013 (obtaining ten high-grossing titles within the first eighteen weeks of this year). The high prices cable companies like FX are willing to pay, make  premium content, such as newly-released movies, out of reach for sites like Netflix and Hulu.

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Cable Features

Cable not only provides premium options for what you watch, it also optimizes how you watch with the following features:
  • Caller ID on TV- Never miss another call when engrossed in your favorite show. When receiving a call, the name and number of the caller will appear in the corner of your screen.
  • Parental Controls- Not everything on television is family friendly, but you can make sure that whatever airs in your home is appropriate for your kids.
  • High-Definition Channels- Enhance your picture quality with hi-def options.
  • 3D TV Channels- TV comes to life through 3D features.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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