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WOW! Rates as a Top Cable and Internet Provider

Wide Open West, now called WOW!, maintains the spot of being the 15th largest cable provider in the U.S. Consumer Reports has rated it a top cable and Internet provider in the Midwest and southeast and it serves communities in the following states: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.

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Founded in 1996 as a cable TV company, it has evolved its services to meet its customers’ varying needs and now offers digital cable and high speed Internet along with HDTV, DVR and telephone service. WOW! recently purchased Knology, a broadband company, and today its customer reach is approximately 800,000.

Owned by Avista Capital Partners, WOW!’s headquarters are located in Denver. It has approximately 3,200 employees and is the only telecommunications company to be listed in the 2013, 150 “National Top Workplaces.” It earned this ranking based on employee engagement, organizational health and satisfaction.

Customer Benefits

WOW! provides a myriad of customer benefits. Some of them are included in the list below:

  • A Stress-Free Experience: Employees are trained to work with customers to ensure that their customer services experience “WOWs” them.
  • A personal Approach: WOW! employees provide individual solutions to individual problems. Plans and services are customized to ensure that all customers get exactly what they need.
  • Perfect Bundles: There are communication and entertainment bundles designed for all needs and budgets.
  • Surfing The Web: Customers can surf the Internet at speeds of up to 50 Mbps, ensure they are secure and connect several devices with its home networking services.
  • Cable TV: Customers can design their own packages from a list of features that include HD channels, On-demand programming, crystal clear viewing, premium channels, games and APPS on TV, and more. The “Basic Cable” is their “greatest hits lineup” and “Signature Cable” is their “comprehensive lineup.” The number and types of channels offered will vary based on region.
  • Ultra TV: This is referred to as the “future of television.” It includes whole home HD DVR, wireless connection to the Internet, a smart interactive menu, features such as Caller ID,  Flickr® games and much, much more.
  • Phone Service: There are two plans and 12 different features from which to choose.

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WOW! also offers several top-notch packages for businesses that include: Internet (cable Internet; fiber data, web and email hosting); data; and a host of voice and video options. WOW! also knows and understands that one size does not fit it all. It provides businesses with low-cost bundles packages and a dedicated account manager. Again—it is all about making the experience as stress-free as possible.

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