3 Ways Airbnb Hosts Can Ensure Security


Home Security Considerations When Renting Out Your Home With Airbnb

Airbnb has paved the way for homeowners to easily and conveniently make some extra money renting out spare rooms. With this power, however, comes added responsibility. As with many other new systems and innovations, concerns about safety are at the forefront. Hosts are expected to ensure the safety of their guests, but must also be looking out for their own home and valuables. Thankfully, both Airbnb itself and an array of new home security technology make it easier for hosts to balance the two. For those seeking to rent out part of their home with Airbnb, or for those already renting out, here are some tips for ensuring that your home is as secure as it can be. SEE ALSO: 9 Hidden Airbnb Gems You Have To Book Now  

1. Airbnb Is Looking To Help Hosts Set Up Safe Listings

Airbnb itself is working to ensure the safety of both guests and hosts. Their website emphasizes home safety and offers a couple of valuable tips and services for hosts and guests. Airbnb is seeking to standardize their safety protocols by asking hosts to confirm that they have working carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed in their homes. For those that don’t, the company is looking to help out. Until the end of the year, the Airbnb website is giving out free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to any host with an active US listing. The site also provides emergency safety cards for hosts to fill out for their guests, on which hosts list relevant phone numbers for hospitals and other emergency services. Airbnb’s website also has an array of other suggestions for hosts to ensure their renter's safety, providing a pretty comprehensive list of steps to go through to make sure you've got all your bases covered. The list they provide reminds hosts to fix exposed electrical wires and provide their guests with a fire escape route, among a range of other helpful suggestions.

2. Airbnb Is Also Looking Out For Hosts

Aibnb also offers something very valuable that hosts shouldn’t overlook - insurance. The company offers a $1,000,000 dollar “insurance policy” that comes free with all eligible bookings. The policy insures that you’ll get reimbursed for any possible property damage that could occur during your time as a host. This “host guarantee” comes with some restrictions, of course, but for many this company-provided feature is enough to ease home security fears. Those that are still worried could look into an extra layer of protection with more traditional home security methods. SEE ALSO: How Does Airbnb Affect Your Home Insurance Rates?

3. There Are New Home Security Devices Just For Aibnb Hosts

With the ever-flourishing popularity of Airbnb, new systems have recently popped up that even market themselves as “Airbnb-focused home security devices.” Traditional home security devices, whether they’re IoT based or not, often prove both too expensive and too intrusive for Airbnb purposes. These new systems seek to slim down and simplify home security. Point is one of these devices, acting as a smoke detector and alerting you of out-of-the-ordinary noises, but cutting out the video aspect in order to make the system cheaper and less invasive. It’s currently in Kickstarter stage and priced at $100, much cheaper than many camera-equipped IoT devices. MORzA Airbnb is a similar alternative: it’s a kit released by a popular home security provider specifically for Airbnb hosts, and includes a smart lock and carbon monoxide/smoke detectors. Of course, systems like these aren’t strictly necessary, though they do provide the required carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, pairing them with other security features for increased peace of mind. Smart locks may be another thing for hosts to consider, especially if you’re frequently away from home but don’t want extra spare keys floating around. It’s also important to note that if your home has a device like Point, MORzA, or a smart lock, you can mark your listing as a “smart home,” allowing you to bump up the price of your booking a little. Overall, following Airbnb’s guidelines and investing in a cheap home security device is really all it takes to ensure that your home is safe and ready for renting, both for you and for your guests.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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