4 Life Saving Strategies During A Home Invasion


An Incident of Home Invasion Can Be Devastating

Coming home to overturned furniture and a hole in the wall where your TV used to be is devastating. Coming home twenty minutes earlier and walking in on a stranger in your living room is even worse. If you're ever faced with an intruder in your house, how you decide to respond is crucial to determining your safety. One wrong move can quickly turn any under-control circumstance into a dangerous one. Having a plan during a home invasion can prepare you for this kind of situation. Instead of relying on pure instincts, recalling your plan can help you respond to a trespasser carefully and strategically.

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1. Find A Fast Exit

When faced with an intruder in your home, your initial instinct might be to call the police or attack the burglar, but insuring your own safety—and that of any other resident in the home—is more important. This means, your first priority is to get out. When escaping, head towards a populated area, where you can access help and where your intruder is less likely to follow you.

2. Alert Authorities of the Home Invasion

Once you've made it to a safe place outside of your home, immediately call 911. Do not return to your house until authorities say it's safe to do so. If by any chance, you were unable to exit your house, you can push the panic button on your home security system. If you have your cell phone with you and making a call won't compromise your safety, dial 911. Fun fact: authorities are currently working with phone carriers to implement the ability to text emergencies to 911.

3. Find A Safe Hiding Place

If you're unable to exit your home, find a secure place to hide out in until your intruder leaves. Avoid concealing yourself in places burglars are likely to search through for valuables, like a closet or similar storage units. Hiding under a bed is a quick option. If your shower curtain isn't transparent, showers and tubs are also efficient places to hide. Think about places in your home you can hide in. Do you have an attic that is concealed? Or an unfinished basement? Considering these options now will have you better prepared in the event of a home invasion. Percentage Of Violent Home Invasions

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4. Defend Yourself

This tip only applies if you have no means of escaping your home and are met with aggression, threats, and/or violence from your intruder. When heading towards a hiding place, look out for objects you can use to defend yourself in case the burglar confronts you. If you don't have access to a gun or knife, something with a sharp point that is heavy but can be easily lifted is a good option. Also consider chemical sprays or cleaning products. Do not seek out the trespasser in order to attack. In this situation, remember that your safety and the safety of your family is the utmost priority. Some of the biggest mistakes occur when this main concern gets distracted by trying to conserve belongings or attempting to negotiate with the intruder. These tips are ordered by importance so remember that defending yourself is a last resort and getting out of the house is the first thing you should do.
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