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ADT Pulse: Home Security With A Heart

It’s clear that homeowners are looking to add some life and love to their households, and not cold, hard machinery. Every home security provider touts their home automation system as the smartest, friendliest, and most impressive, so what makes ADT Pulse different? ADT Pulse is brought to you by ADT, one of the leading home security providers in the nation. The company has been innovating security for more than a century and continues to throw some game changers into the industry. See how ADT Pulse goes beyond smart home with these features.

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Z-Wave: What Makes Your Smart Home Smart

Z-Wave makes it possible for you to directly monitor everything that’s happening at home. This wireless technology enables your products to connect to each other and to you. Products equipped with Z-Wave have the edge because they do not rely on WiFi, but instead use a radio frequency to communicate. No need to worry about your system going down when the power goes out. Watch how Z-Wave creates a powerful home security team by building a communication network between your devices: This means that your thermostat can communicate with your smartphone to tell you that you forgot to turn off the air conditioning before leaving the house today. And you can take action from anywhere—be it your office or vacation home. Essentially, all of your home security devices use Z-Wave to report directly to your phone, tablet, or PC. From there you can give it all the commands you want. Use your phone to customize and control the environment by:
  • Automating temperature controls
  • Adjusting the lighting
  • Locking doors
ADT Pulse emphasizes mobility. Z-Wave’s radio technology coupled with WiFi makes it possible to keep an eye on your home when you’re not there. Compatible with iOS and Android, you can download the ADT Pulse mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play. See how ADT customers use the mobile app to stay on top of what’s going on at home:

Portal Offers Bank Level Security For Online Actions And Records

Many fear that home automation leads to smart homes getting hacked by criminals from across the U.S. ADT Pulse puts to rest those concerns with Portal. Portal uses the same online security encryption as online banking. Here’s a walkthrough of what happens when you enter your home security system through Portal: You can sign into Portal on your phone, tablet, or PC and check up on the status of your house. Portal is divided into six sections:
  • History. Track what’s happened over time to identify common patterns and any peculiar activity.
  • Alerts. Set up ADT Pulse to notify you by text or email.
  • Automations. Sync your devices so that they work together. For example, if a window sensor goes off unexpectedly, cameras should know to snap a photo of the possible intruder.
  • Schedules. You shouldn’t have to always tell your system what to do. Use Schedules to set up daily tasks that devices should perform on its own.
  • System. Go here to check up on the status of each device. You can check to see if a part of your system has gone offline or needs a battery change.
  • Summary. If you’re in a hurry, then you can take a quick look under the Summary tab for an overview of your home.

Get In Touch With Your Home

ADT Pulse offers its own tablet for you to keep at home called Touchscreen. Touchscreen serves as a remote control for your entire home. Some of the apps provided include:
  • Emergencies. Notify an ADT monitoring station to contact your local police department, fire department, or emergency medical team in case of an emergency.
  • Arm. Arm and disarm your system.
  • News. Review daily news stories and pictures.
  • Traffic. Check traffic before you leave the house to avoid being late.
  • Cameras. Monitor live video streams and photos.
Check out what Touchscreen can do for you:

The First Home Security System You Can Talk To

ADT announced its newest product, ADT Pulse Voice, on July 1, 2014. A team of experts at ADT have developed an app with sophisticated voice recognition software. After authorizing your voice to the app, you can control your home using voice commands. ADT Pulse Voice is the first home security product that actually lets you talk to your home. Those who benefit the most from ADT Pulse Voice are those who are visually impaired. Among all your loved ones, the older ones need a little extra care—especially if their sight isn’t what it used to be. With this innovation, exclusive to ADT, grandma can have an advanced smart home security system without dealing with small icons and fonts on handheld devices. ADT Pulse Voice makes it easy to be lazy—you don’t even have to lift a finger at this point. So when your hands are full with groceries, kids, or just stress, you can simply say what you want and ADT Pulse will deliver. “As more people use voice commands to interact with their smart phones and other devices, it’s critical for us to securely extend the convenience and accessibility of ADT Pulse through voice input,” said Arthur Orduña, senior vice president and chief innovation officer of ADT.

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Does ADT Pulse Cover Your Home Security Needs?

Homeowners want peace of mind and convenience when it comes to home security. ADT Pulse is designed for the homeowner that wants complete control over their system as well as some luxurious add-ons that make life at home easier. The benefits and features mentioned are specific to ADT Pulse and do not include other unique perks offered by ADT, such as third party monitoring. Fortunately, customers have free-range in terms of customizability across all ADT services. For the curious, click here to see what ADT has available in your area.
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