ARCHOS Home Security Teaches Your Home Self Defense


ARCHOS: Home Security All Over The World

ARCHOS specializes in smart home development. To build a smart home, ARCHOS offers you an assortment of tools that give your house a sense of self awareness. When you use all of these tools together, you get an automated home that knows what to do when in danger.

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Service Area

ARCHOS offers its products worldwide. Smart homes do not rely on a third party for installation or monitoring.


Customers get to choose what products to purchase in order to satisfy their needs. For instance, customers in areas more prone to break-ins can purchase more motion detectors instead of installing climate monitors.

The smart home system sends all of its information to your mobile device. The ARCHOS application is free, and allows you to access live updates about your home via smart phone, tablet, or computer.


ARCHOS provides its home security system in parts because not every customer needs every part of the home security package. All of these parts are designed to work together to inform you of any threats on your home. Customers can set up their smart home with the following gadgets:

  • Mini-Cam: Equipped with a wide angle lens and magnetic stand, this camera can be positioned anywhere and take pictures and short videos.
  • Motion Ball: A waterproof motion detector with a surveillance radius of 10 meters records movement inside or outside your home.
  • Weather Tag: A device that precisely measures your home’s temperature and humidity.
  • Movement Tag: Place it in a door, window, or drawer, this device detects when something is opened.
  • Smart Plug: Allows you to wirelessly turn on or off any device.
  • Smart Home Tablet: A seven inch Android tablet that serves as the remote control to your smart home as well as an entertainment device with access to Google Play.


Customers can further automate their homes by programming ScenariosScenarios map out what the security system does in response to a stimulus. ARCHOS encourages customers to connect their devices in such a way that the home will know how to react to a situation prior to human interference. For example, customers can set up their systems to take a picture whenever movement is detected. Or when a window is opened, the system will automatically send a notification to the user’s smart phone. Users can also program the system to turn on a light when a door is opened.

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There are no contracts or monthly fees you need to pay. Once you purchase the equipment you want, download the free application, your home security system is set up and accessible whenever you desire.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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