AXON Flex By TASER: A Point-Of-View Camera For Police Officers


Use A Point-Of-View Camera To Find Out What Exactly Happened

Roughly $2 billion are spent annually trying to resolve claims of police misconduct. Most of the time citizens report to the authorities that they were mistreated and their rights were not protected. These cases are often documented as verbal complaints without any hard evidence, so it’s difficult to know who is telling the truth: the officer or the citizen. There are a ton of shaky videos recorded from a phone from odd angles of incidents, but none give viewers a good idea of what actually happened. While citizens continue to argue with law enforcement over what actually happens when someone gets shot or harassed, these cases could be solved if the officer wears a point-of-view camera. Point-of-view cameras clear up any cloudy stories about law enforcement mistreating people or abusing their power. It protects officers from false claims of misconduct and it reassures communities that an officer is someone you can trust. In addition to providing hard evidence that saves courts precious time and money, point-of-view cameras have a peculiar social effect on people—it makes both officers and civilians behave better. Everyone’s actions are being recorded, so what you say happened doesn’t have as much strength as what the court sees on video. One such camera is the AXON Flex, brought to you by TASER.

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Of all the cameras and devices officers can gear up with, TASER aims to be the number one company that law enforcement can depend on. In order to solve issues with honesty, TASER developed AXON Flex, a point-of-view camera that records an incident from the wearer’s perspective. More than a simple recording device, AXON Flex comes with these features:
  • Full Shift Video Buffer: Once you hit the record button, the 30 seconds of standby video prior to hitting record is saved along with the recording.
  • Oakley Integration: AXON Flex is branded with Oakley sunglasses for camera mounting right next to your eyes.
  • Mounting Options: Place the AXON Flex where you find it most comfortable: jacket, headband, collar, cap, helmet, dash, etc.
  • Retina Low Light: Most incidents happen at night, so the AXON Flex comes with night vision.
  • Wireless Integration: Files automatically upload to and are stored in a cloud.
  • Secure Storage: High security uploads and storage ensure that video isn’t edited.
  • Weather Resistant: This camera is designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions.
  • Wide Angle Lens. The 75° lens allows for a better field of vision.
AXON Flex is smaller than an iPhone and weighs roughly 15 grams. Aside from its compatibility, the 12+ hour battery life and six foot drop durability makes this a device officers can depend on during their long, vigorous shifts.

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Knowing That You Can’t Get Away With Anything

Point-of-view cameras are not only important for protecting the officer from false claims, but also works to protect the community. William A. Farrar, Chief of Police at the Rialto, California Police Department, speaks for the citizens and says, “When you put a camera on a police officer, they tend to behave a little better, follow the rules a little better. And if a citizen knows the officer is wearing a camera, chances are the citizen will behave a little better.” It’s sad knowing that the fear of getting caught exceeds people’s desire to obey the law and be truthful. But the truth of the matter is that wearing point-of-view cameras, or cop cams, significantly decreases the amount of false claims from civilians and misconduct from officers.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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