Beyond Communications Offers A Wide Range Of Communication Services


Beyond Communications Is A Leading Provider of Business Security

Based in Freemont, Nebraska, Beyond Communications is a communication-servicing firm focused on providing security to business customers. Since 2006, Beyond Communication has provided quality technology services to businesses throughout eastern Nebraska. With over 25 years combined experience and advanced technological solutions, Beyond Communications could be the right choice for your business's security needs. SEE ALSO: Do Fake Security Cameras Really Deter Crime?


The backbone to any security system solution is the array of services it offers. Luckily, Beyond Communications offers clients a wide array of services, including:
  • IP Surveillance camera systems
  • Security systems
  • Voice and data cabling systems
  • Paging systems
  • Time keeping systems
  • Business telephone systems
Beyond Communications is constantly expanding, too, so new systems are added all the time.


Offering access to cutting-edge technologies, Beyond Communications is a provider of Lathem time-keeping systems. Lathem offers clients the convenience of automated time keeping and attendance record-keeping for employees. Lathem offers customers the following features:
  • PC workstation clock-in
  • Network installation
  • In-depth scheduling
  • Expanded reporting
  • Multiple clocks
  • Benefit time tracking
Through these benefits, the Lathem system allows clients to manage their employees and resources in a more efficient manner, eliminating expensive overhead costs and saving you time as well. SEE ALSO: Top 4 Security Weaknesses

Security And Surveillance

In addition, Beyond Communications is a leader in video security and surveillance. As a user of ClearPix Technology, Beyond Communications ensures that clients will receive access to the best surveillance methods possible. ClearPix cameras offer a wide array of features including:
  • 1,2,3, and 5 mega pixel images
  • Full body & panoramic images
  • Outdoor, day & night images
  • Remote zoom
  • Auto focus
ClearPix Technology utilizes cutting edge software and servers to ensure that coverage is consistent and reliable. Servers offer the customer:
  • On site server support
  • Up to 30 TB of digital storage space
  • 4 channel encoders for security
  • RAID 5 color options
  • Can support over 200 cameras
In order to ensure that the equipment remains up to date, Beyond Communications offers the following software services:
  • Free software updates
  • Camera Firmware auto updates
  • Data aging for longer storage
  • Fastest search engine
When analyzing your business technology and security needs, look to Beyond Communications to provide quality and efficient services aimed at providing comprehensive security.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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