What Makes A Billionaire Home Security System?


Billionaire Bunkers For Every Catastrophe

Think that Johnny Depp’s home security system is the top of the line? Think again. Celebrities’ top notch home security systems cannot compare to the huge home security systems that billionaires create to help them survive World War III.

They hide among the richest households in the countries, blending in perfectly with their less secure neighbors. They don’t have a sign displaying what standard consumer home security system they have, but they are twice as dangerous as the houses that do. Get too close to one of these billionaire home security systems and you might get showered with a rotten-smelling fog with chemical effects that last up to 24 hours. Try to break in through the window and you’ll tire yourself out through hours of effort. And, if by some miracle, you make it indoors, don’t expect to make a clean getaway. Biometric alarms will read you like a book and alert the local authorities of a break-in. To speak plainly, these homes are security systems on steroids, and everyone who’s anyone wants one.

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Outside The Golden Gates

Like most home security systems, the security of these super homes begins from the outside, and the most basic perimeter system is the home security camera. FLIR Systems, an Oregon-based thermal camera systems company, has cameras used in some of these homes. The cameras can read the thermal signatures of everything in range, regardless of weather conditions or physical obstacles, like bushes. Using this information, it differentiates between a human, which throws off a lot of heat, and a tree or a small animal, which has significantly less heat. Range varies based on price, with the lower end ones seeing .6 miles (1 kilometer) away and the higher end ones seeing up to 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) away.

These homeowners also do not have to worry about losing their keys to their homes either. Emerging home security company FST21 is creating software that uses voice, facial, and behavioral recognition technologies to create a completely keyless entry system. It goes without saying, then, that no “key” (meaning, homeowner or family member) is identical, and therefore, keys cannot be duplicated.

And what seven- or eight-figure home security system would be complete without a smoke dispenser? Multiple cutting edge home security companies have smoke dispensing machines with a variety of effects. One simply disorients the intruder while another has smelly effects lasting up to a full day, and another coats you with a unique home DNA that can be seen on your skin up to a few weeks after the incident occurrs.

In Pearly Panic Rooms

If, by some miracle, you make it past the perimeter, don’t expect to find the homeowner anywhere reachable. He or she will most likely be in a hermetically sealed panic room, which might as well be deemed everything-proof. These days, billionaires can watch the perimeter and interior of your household on plasma screen televisions in their 2,500 square foot panic room. The doors to these rooms are lined with Kevlar and use automatic electromagnetic locks so the homeowner—who, remember, is most likely a key to the household himself—doesn’t even have to touch a doorknob.

But if secret portals to Narnia is more of what the homeowner is into, Creative Home Engineering is his or her company. The Arizona-based company specializes in secret passage systems for anyone who can afford it. The company has transformed anything from bookshelves to wall panels to stone walls into passages into safe rooms. Think Marie Antoinette running from a mob of angry Parisians into a secret room and you’ve got it about right.

But what about chemical attacks? The rich and famous clientele of Pollack + Partners in New York urges their clients not to worry about this either. The air scrubbers in their clientele’s panic rooms can pump filtered air into the room for an indefinite period of time, possibly long enough for a zombie apocalypse to occur.

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Home Security For Less Than Ten Figures

Not all of us have hundreds of millions of dollars to work with when purchasing a home security system. But that doesn’t mean we should leave our homes unprotected. It just means that we should do it more money-consciously. In fact, many home security systems also offer home automation, among other features. Vivint, for example, offers home security, home automation, energy management, and even solar energy solutions to its customers. Solutions like these can make you feel like a billionaire without the huge price tag.

Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from, and while we can’t get the same level of security as billionaires can, home security companies can adequately protect your valuables and loved ones.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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