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Inside Canary: Adam Sager Speaks On 'The World's First Smart Home Security Device For Everyone'

Raising over a million dollars on IndieGoGo, more than $900,000 over their initial goal of $100,000, Canary has the home security world anxiously awaiting its arrival. Advertised as "the first smart home security device for everyone," the Canary is a self-contained device that is completely controllable from your iPhone or Android. It not only answers the common issues of hefty installation prices and a home-owners bias that plague traditional home security; its sleek aesthetic avoids interrupting the visual balance of an interior space. It won't break the bank either with a fixed  pricepoint of $199. Canary's Indiegogo page estimates that devices will start making their way into homes by May 2014.

We spoke to Canary's Cofounder and CEO, Adam Sager, who told us about the company's mission, the inspiration behind the device's beautiful design, and how technology is changing home security.

SEE ALSO: Access Life Home Surveillance With Canary Home Security You pitched Canary on IndieGoGo and received immense feedback. What was your reaction to how favorably the community reacted? What do you think this favorable reaction says about the community's need for home security?

Adam Sager: We are both excited and humbled. For the past year, we have been building Canary day and night. We strongly believe that what we are building is transformational. This notion has clearly been reinforced by the incredible amount of the feedback from around the world.

In terms of what it says about the need for new security strategies, we absolutely agree. With the technological advances we have today, there is no reason that home security should remain so complicated or expensive. There has been intense focus over the past few years about automating the home. Automation is great, but the simple act of connecting in a beautiful and easy way has been ignored. By providing an easy way to connect to our homes, people that have never had access to home security will now have it for the first time. Canary is probably one of the more attractive home security devices; what inspired the design?

Adam Sager: Thank you! We started with the belief that just because we are dealing with a security product, doesn’t mean it can't be beautiful. These are our homes, after all. The design, which we believe is warm, inviting, even comforting, was inspired by many of the other beautiful products we see in the marketplace, from Sonos to Audi cars.

SEE ALSO: Easy Ways To Repurpose Your Old Technology Into New Home Security Devices What do you hope to achieve by introducing Canary into the market (besides making boatloads of money)?

Adam Sager: We have one goal: provide smart home security to everyone. To achieve that end, we have completely simplified the hardware so no installation is necessary. We have focused on the software and services so that tasks like arming and disarming, and knowing what is normal or not normal within your environment, are easily available and accessible for everyone. We also declined to include ‘added services’ so our solution will remain at a price point that most people can afford.

We know this changes the game. We look forward to a world in which we can connect to our homes and our families in the best way possible, where all people have access to security in their apartments and homes.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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