Delaware Crime Rates


Delaware has been on a decades long streak inreducing crime throughout the state, though it has not been excluded from the ongoing plague of college shootings.

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Crime Trends In Delaware

With few outliers, crime in Delaware is relatively consistent across its best and worst cities, suggesting that crime rates are level across most populations.

Overall, in 2011, crime fell in Delaware. Violent crimes were down 3.8 percent, continuing a 20-year trend in decreasing crimes. Since 1993, crime in Delaware has dropped over 60 percent.

Criminologists are shocked at this ongoing trend, and could not have predicted it. Some have suggested it may be due to a population decline in the 18-25 age group, but statisticians counter that such a substantial decline must be reliant on other factors as well.

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Best And Worst Of Delaware

Dover and Newark are considered among the safest big cities in Delaware. With over 30,000 inhabitants, each had a significant amount of property crimes and 239 and 139 violent crimes, respectively. However, relative to their populations, they are considered safe. Smaller cities round out the top five, including Smyrna, New Castle and Middletown, with significantly lower rates of crime across the board.

By far, Wilmington is the least safe city in Delaware, home to the most registered sex offenders in Delaware with 1400 violent crimes, including nearly 30 murders in 2011. This could be partially related to Wilmington’s status as the largest city in Delaware, with over 70,000 inhabitants. The exceedingly high crime rate of Wilmington could be related to itsproximity to Philadelphia, nicknamed “Killadelphia,” and consistently rated dangerously. Wilmington is approximately 30 miles from Philadelphia, well within its metropolitan area and influence.

The rest of the bottom five, including Milford, Georgetown, Seaford and Elsmere, are ranked consistently the least safe best cities (Smyrna, New Castle, Middletown), suggesting that the rate of crime in Delaware is consistent across most populations.

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