EMC Security Offers Wireless Home Security Systems To North Georgia


EMC Security Wireless Systems

EMC Security has been a leader in providing electrical service to its customers. The company gets its “EMC” initials from two of its three co-owners, Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (Jackson EMC) and Walton Electric Membership Corporation (Walton EMC). Along with GreyStone Power Corporation, these three electric cooperatives have been servicing customers all over northern Georgia for over 80 years.

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Service Areas

Thousands of customers in the Atlanta area and its suburbs rely on EMC Security to protect their residences and businesses. The service areas for EMC Security stretch almost all the way across the northern section of Georgia. EMC Security serves customers ranging from Stephens and Hart counties on the South Carolina border to Carroll and Haralson counties near the Alabama line. The northern edge reaches up to White and Habersham counties in northeast Georgia, while Putnam and Spalding counties in central Georgia serve as the southernmost service region.


EMC Security offers security monitoring and installation for residences and businesses. The EMC Security systems give customers protection from fire, burglaries and injuries. EMC Security employs the newest technologies and an assortment of systems to supply its members with inexpensive and reliable service. Installers can custom-fit the security system to meet all major security requirements. Customers can take advantage of such benefits as free estimates, online billing and no down payment on installation.


The hub of the EMC Security system is its wireless touchpad. The touchpad operates the GE Security System, one of the leading manufacturers of home security equipment. Customers can control signals from the touchpad to any number of sensors, lights and cameras throughout the residence. The touchpad can detect signals from a door sensor, window sensor, motion detector or smoke detector.


For residential customers, EMC Security offers protection from fire and intrusion, as well as a medical alert system to contact emergency personnel in case of serious injury. The EMC Security system can also provide homeowners with advanced wiring and home entertainment installation. Business customers can use EMC Security to reduce their exposure to risk from theft, fire and other disasters. The company also offers closed-circuit television systems for surveillance and loss prevention.


EMC Security offers 24/7 home security monitoring, with rates starting at $16.95 for residential or business service. The fee includes intruder protection, fire notification, medical alert and security system notification features. The monthly billing plan does not include a long-term contract, so customers are free to change providers at any time. EMC Security offers a range of payment plans to fit any customer's needs and budget.

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With its long track record of customer service, combined with state-of-the art wireless technology, EMC Security provides the most powerful and reliable home security systems available to North Georgia residents. Customers can take solace from the peace of mind the EMC Security systems offer, as well as the discounts on homeowners' and business owners' insurance premiums they can use to lower their monthly costs.

For more information on EMC Security systems and plans, please visit www.emcsecurity.com.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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