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Secure Your Home With AlarmForce: Security Systems

Since 1989, AlarmForce has taken a simple premise: offer the client something different, while still providing the best protection for their home. There is nothing more important than knowing your family and home have the best security. AlarmForce prides itself on being a leader in the industry and utilizing the very best technology.

A Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award and a strong BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating has made AlarmForce a respected brand in home security. With 250,000 customers, AlarmForce uses state-of-the-art equipment and a live two-way voice security, system, which according to the company, is one of the most effective ways of defending your home against burglaries and break-ins.

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Service Areas

AlarmForce has expanded beyond it's Toronto beginnings to major metropolitan cities.

The service is widely available in: Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario; Montreal,Quebec; Vancouver, British Columbia; Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta; Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Winston-Salem, and  Greensboro, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Ohio; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota; Tampa/St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Orlando, Florida.


As a leader in security, AlarmForce offers live two-way voice, free with every system. Quite simply, live two-way provides an immediate connection between your home and AlarmForce’s station if ever your alarm is triggered. Certified central station operators, establish a live audio link between your house and AlarmForce. Whatever the situation, a medical emergency, or break-in, they work to provide the best service for your family. All of AlarmForce’s home security products can be tailored to your needs. Available customization features include panic buttons, additional motion detectors, and smoke detectors.


AlarmForce offers some great equipment to enhance your system. These might include monitored smoke or carbon monoxide detectors,flood sensors, high and low temperature sensors and portable key fobs(these allow you to arm and disarm your system remotely). An AlarmForce sales representative can get you started and ensure that you are properly fitted with the right system.


Whatever security plan you decide to go with, it will be geared to fit your specific needs. The most common services are:

  • Quick, clean, professional installation in about one hour
  • Advanced proprietary technology at no installation cost
  • Service, installation and monitoring from one company. No distributors or sub-contractors are used.
  • Home security system may be relocated at no charge.
  • Three year monitoring contract gives you a cost freeze guarantee and afull lifetime warranty on equipment malfunction.

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AlarmForce currently offers three flexible plans:

Home Alarm: costs $0 down, $25 per month. This is AlarmForce’s basic package which include two-way voice security, and is an advanced wireless alarm system.

Alarmcare: costs $28 a month with free installation. It uses a personal emergency response system, and is designed for those individuals who want to live independently. It also includes a free warranty and no annual contract.

Alarmplus: costs $99 for setup; $4.95 a month. When you need extra protection and peace of mind, Alarmplus guards against a cut phone line. With the increase of phone tampering, it is a good idea to have a backup. Alarmplus is useful for customers who use cellphones exclusively.

For more information on AlarmForce Security products and services, please visit their website at www.alarmforce.com.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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