First Alert Professional Carries Wireless Home Security Systems


First Alert Professional Wireless Home Security Systems

The name “First Alert” has been synonymous with home safety devices for decades, including some of the first commercial smoke detectors. As part of the Honeywell Corporation, First Alert Professional has expanded on this concept to include a full suite of home security services. Not only does the company offer smoke detectors and fire safety devices; First Alert Professional also provides wireless home security systems, complete with door and window sensors, motion detectors and closed-circuit television cameras.

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Service Areas

With the extensive reach offered by its connection to Honeywell, First Alert Professional has authorized dealers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Wake Islands. First Alert Professional also has dealers in Canada, Guam, the Caribbean and other countries in Central and South America.


One of the most convenient benefits of the First Alert Professional system is its ability to allow users to monitor activities in the home through live streaming video feeds. Customers can set up closed-circuit television camera to watch as babysitters attend young children, as older children come home from school, and as elderly parents interact with any nurses or caretakers. Users can access these video feeds through a smartphone app or through a secure website.


As an affiliate of leading equipment manufacturer Honeywell, First Alert Professional offers a wealth of accessories and peripherals to their impressive home security systems. In addition to smoke detectors and closed-circuit cameras, First Alert provides users with door and window sensors, motion detectors, glass-break detectors and carbon monoxide monitors.


All of the various detectors can be connected to the hub of the system, aHoneywell touchpad. The touchpad connects to the remote monitoring station via a dedicated cellular connection. Since the system operates wirelessly, customers need not worry about what would happen if an intruder cuts the home phone line or disables the internet connection. The First Alert Professional monitoring staff have been trained to respond to any emergency and will send police, fire or ambulance services after receiving an alert.


The basic First Alert Professional plan includes a one-time installation charge and monthly monitoring fees. The initial fee of $289 covers the system installation and activation. The minimum service plan costs $19.99 per month with a standard 24-month contract. The minimum plan includes the Honeywell alarm panel, a keychain remote, the control keypad, two door or window sensors, one alarm and one motion detector. While these peripherals are suitable for an entry-level system, customers with larger residences or multiple entries can include more sensors for an additional cost.

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First Alert Professional is committed to providing top-quality security systems to fit the needs and budget of both home and business customers. Whether the customer needs basic home protection or a full range of sensors and detectors, First Alert Professional has both the technology and the experience to see that their equipment gives the user security and peace of mind.

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