Honeywell Home Security: Safety At Your Fingertips


Honeywell Home Security Keeps Your Home Smart And Safe

Founded in 1906, Honeywell grew to be an international company that provides aerospace technologies, automation and control solutions, performance materials and technologies, and transportation systems. Landing a spot in the top 100 for the Fortune 500 list has given Honeywell fame and prestige as a home security provider. With over a 100,000 employees worldwide, Honeywell strives to bring the best in performance, quality, innovation, and service. Honeywell believes that every individual has a unique security need—and they are here to meet those needs. Boasting in technological innovation at a reasonable budget, Honeywell works to automate homes into smart homes, so that safety can simply come from a touch of a button. SEE ALSO: Do Fake Security Cameras Really Deter Crime?

Service Areas

Honeywell security services can be purchased from any authorized dealer in the US, and select locations in Canada. Honeywell security systems focus on homeowners having the capability to do the monitoring themselves. However, 24/7 off-site monitoring services are also provided for the customer’s peace of mind.


When choosing Honeywell, customers receive the following benefits:
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Online brochures, manuals, demos, and video tutorials


Honeywell emphasizes people taking control of their home security. Thus Honeywell provides a wide variety of security equipment and accessories.
  • Wireless Remotes
  • Custom Language Settings
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sensors
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Theft Protection Sensors
  • Digital Video Security
  • Panic Pendants
  • Home Security Lighting
  • Online Remote Locking


Because people do not stay at home all the time, Honeywell has innovated home security by creating mobile apps and online access that allows customers to monitor their homes when they’re away. With Honeywell Total Connect, customers get real-time alerts, live video feeds, and mobile remote control on wireless laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Going hand-in-hand with Honeywell Total Connect, Honeywell uses Z-Wave products to give customers the power to control lights, thermostats, and locks from anywhere.


Honeywell offers two different security systems—Tuxedo Touch and LYNX Touch. Each system has unique features to cater to each individual’s needs. Both systems come with the following:
  • Apps to operate the system from mobile devices
  • Wireless security sensors
  • Emergency alerts
  • Z-Wave operated locks
  • Home automation
The following features are unique to the Tuxedo Touch security system:
  • WiFi compatibility
  • Extra large screen in white or silver
  • Picture frame and video viewer
And the following features are unique to the LYNX Touch security system:
  • 4G communications
  • The option of installing Two-Way Voice, a feature that allows homeowners to talk to an official central station operator when an alarm is activated
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The Take-Away

Honeywell exceeds consumer expectations of home security being a system of cameras and locks. Instead Honeywell sets the bar by providing the most advanced in security equipment. With Honeywell’s extensive network of outdoor sensors, indoor sensors, theft sensors, and environment sensors coupled with user-friendly applications and the 24/7 Honeywell monitoring service, customers can feel safe.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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