How IDoorCam Reinvented The Doorbell


Through The Glass Peephole

With today’s home security systems, your home is monitored from almost every front. But what about your door?  There are very few ways to interact with the person ringing your doorbell when you’re not home, and almost no systems available that alert you when someone is ringing your doorbell.

Lucky for worriers, a new system called iDoorCam allows homeowners to interact with whoever is at their door without having to look through the peephole or even be home. The system combines video feed of the area with interactive audio options and recording features to make your home safer and more relaxing place to live.

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How It Works

iDoorCam needs two things to work: power and WiFi. Fortunately, connecting this device to these sources is very easy. This is especially true if the homeowner has a regular doorbell, Andrew Thomas, Co-Founder of iDoorCam, informed me. iDoorCam can be hooked up where a normal doorbell is installed; all you need is the two wires that attach to a normal doorbell. “You just detach the two [wires] from the old doorbell and attach the same two to iDoorCam,” he continued.

Once iDoorCam is connected to power, you can download the application on your iOS or Android device, where you can hook iDoorCam to your WiFi network. After that, you can access all of iDoorCams features, including:

  • Seeing who is at your door, no matter the time of day or night
  • Hearing and speaking to this person
  • Receiving alerts when motion is detected at your door (whether the doorbell has been pressed or not)
  • Taking photos or video of your visitor

Securing Your Home

According to Thomas, iDoorCam users fall into two categories:

  • For the person that isn’t home and wants to know what’s happening on their property, iDoorCam allows 24/7 visual and auditory access to the front door.
  • For the person that is home, iDoorCam allows homeowners to feel more comfortable in their own homes. They can know who is at the door before they get up to answer it and before they indicate that they are home to the person outside.

“iDoorCam is a tool to help people stay connected to their homes,” Thomas concluded.

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A Piece Of The Puzzle

But, as home security experts will point out, monitoring your door will only help you secure one part of your home. “iDoorCam is not a replacement to your full-fledged security system,” Thomas said. A full-fledged security system can do more — monitor your windows, take video inside your home, and call the police in the event of an emergency — but iDoorCam can help you stay connected to who’s coming and going to your door. “What we’re trying to do with iDoorCam is make it as convenient and accessible as possible,” Thomas said.

There are also a few precautions iDoorCam users should take before installation. First, “they should have a WiFi password on their home network; that’s a good practice whether they have iDoorCam or not,” Thomas said. Secondly, iDoorCam users should have access to the two components needed for setup: power and WiFi. “They also do need enough space,” Thomas added, “it’s two and three quarters inches wide in a circle,” so that space is needed for proper installation in the doorbell socket.

Though iDoorCam is only one component of a home’s security, it is very useful to keeping your home and loved ones safe. For more information in iDoorCam, including where to buy this device, visit

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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