JIBO: Home Automation And Security For The 21st Century


JIBO Is The Future Of Home Automation

Imagine all of your childhood dreams of owning a robot coming to fruition. Well, such dreams can become a reality as soon as December 2015. What’s bringing about this technological revolution? It’s called JIBO, and it's a humanoid robot that can control your home and organize your life. According to the JIBO team, it is a social robot, meaning that you can talk to it, ask it questions, and make requests. It learns about you through these interactions, and can even react to emotions you express through its recognition technology. JIBO is both a personal assistant and a member of the family, according to the team behind JIBO. JIBO is already fully funded, heading to production, and is due to ship in December of 2015. But, if developers reach their $2 million stretch goal by 2015, it will also come equipped with the ability to watch your home, family, and pets and alert you if anything goes awry while you’re away. With this new addition, JIBO will become much more than a personal assistant; it will also be a watch dog for your family.

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How It Works

There are a few key features that make JIBO the interactive device you’ll need for your family. First is the stereo camera system. JIBO’s stereo camera system allows clear processing of images, so it can tell how you’re feeling and patch you into crystal clear video calls. Full body touch sensors enhance JIBO’s ability to react to emotions and the environment around it. Its 360 degree sound localization means that JIBO knows when it’s being spoken to and when it is not. Speaking of 360, its three axes means that it can turn fully around to face whoever is speaking. Of course, JIBO needs to be able to respond to requests and give you information when it comes in, too. That’s why JIBO has two premium speakers. It's also able to connect via Bluetooth and WiFi, so it can retrieve information from the internet, and, if you allow it, from your phone and email. On top of all of this, its screen also acts as a touchscreen, effectively blowing any tablet out of the water.

What It Can Do

With so much on board, what can JIBO do? The possibilities are virtually limitless. So far, JIBO has the following capabilities:
  • Recognizing and tracking faces
  • Capturing photos
  • Interactive video calling
  • Listening and interpreting your commands
  • Hand-free reminders and messages
  • Adapt to your lifestyle through learning algorithms
  • Help you with tasks, like a personal assistant
  • Learn and develop emotional cues
Once it has hit the market, a “JIBO store” (like an app store) will accompany it, allowing you to add on new functions.

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How You Can Get JIBO

Currently, you can preorder JIBO on idiegogo for $499. For this option, JIBO will ship in December 2015. You can also put JIBO on a version of layaway for $199 down, $349 at its shipping date, which ships in February of 2016. You can purchase additional features for JIBO through the JIBO store, once you purchase and set up JIBO. The future is now, and its name is JIBO.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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