Johnny Depp's Unusual Home Security System


Security: A Perk Of Celebrity Status?

On October 15, 2011, the Los Angeles Police Department was bustling, as officers visited the home of famed actor Johnny Depp. Officers were responding to a call about a possible breach in security. The caller was anonymous, but some have speculated that either the head of security at Depp’s LA home or Depp himself called. When the police arrived and searched the property, however, they did not find any signs of a break-in.

Though it was deemed a false alarm, the security breach caught the public eye and held onto it for more time than some would deem necessary. Despite this scrutiny, little information was revealed about the star’s property. The depth of Depp’s security system remained a mystery for some time, and is still a partial mystery today.

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A House For Every Mood

But Depp has little to worry about concerning home security. With at least three mansions in Hollywood, France, and owning an island, he is out of harm’s way. All he needs to do is board a plane—or a private jet—to one of his other homes and he will be safe.

The locations of Depp’s three homes are not a mystery either.Numerous websites grace users with Depp’s full address as well as information about each home in detail. All one needs to do is perform a simple Google search on Johnny Depp to find one of his homes.

Setting Security

That’s where Depp’s security comes in. From what we do know, Depp has a very advanced security system, including cameras and security guardsDepp’s LA home is a castle, complete with battlements, round turrets, and towers. Such security is a bit medieval, but there is something daunting about these measures, which would act as a possible deterrent for less ambitious criminals.

But this is not the only way Depp has used the physical elements of a property to deter criminals. His other home, in a city called Plan de la Tour, is tucked away in southeastern France. Here, Depp lives in a town of only 2,000 people, a very quiet life for the celebrity.

Depp’s third home is also in a place where the paparazzi, or ambitious robbers, are not likely to persue him. Located in the Bahamas, Little Hall’s Pond Cay is the ultimate use of physical atmosphere for security. It is located only near other famous celebrities’ islands and is, otherwise, a secluded stretch of sand. Robbing this place would be virtually impossible.

Entrances are key to Depp’s homes. Unlike many other mansions, Depp’s homes are limited to one gate, making it difficult to get in and out of the residence without the groundskeepers noticing. The trees surrounding these properties also obscure the views of potential criminals , allowing Depp’s security men to see the robbers before the robbers can even see the property For the more ambitious criminals, Depp has a series of alarms and security officials monitoring his properties.

Though we do not know much about the system, if it is anything like Tyler Perry’s advanced security system, he might have a false sense of security. In 2010, Perry’s home, which was protected by a front gate, flood lights, a team of security personnel, four guards dogs, and night vision cameras was broken into by nothing more than a group of teenagers. They had climbed through the bushes to get around the front gate.

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Too Much Shade

But not all of these measures are full proof. Some of Depp’s security measures might do him more harm than good, in the event of an emergency. For example, if a criminal made it into Depp’s home, the foliage, which hides his houses, would do more danger than good. Neighbors would not be able to see what is happening in the house and, therefore, might not alert the police.

The farther away Depp is from a metropolitan area, the longer a response time the police will have. Though the police responded quickly to the security trigger at Depp’s Los Angeles home, he might not be so lucky in the event of a real emergency. Police response times range, and the farther one is from a police station, the longer the amount of time it will take the authorities to respond.

Finally, the limited entrances into the homes might also be a hazard in the event of evacuation. If Depp or anyone in the home needs to evacuate because of a fire or other emergency and the exit is blocked, it means danger and possibly injury. So, though these measures do seem effective, there are always negative sides that should be considered before purchasing a property.

While many of these security measures are reserved for those with the most amount of wealth, there are ways to implement the same celeb-security, even if you already own a home:

  • Buying a security system. Security systems are a proven method of protecting your home, no matter where you live. If your home is broken into, these companies can contact the police and help you recover your stolen items and file a police report.
  • Planting more foliage. Big plants can obscure the view to your home and add additional value to it as well. It is an eco-friendly way of protecting your home.
  • Bolstering your home insurance, and, if you do not already have it, purchasing home insurance. Often times, home insurance does not cover the full value of your home and does not protect against everything. Thus, investing more in home insurance is valuable. In addition, companies often offer discounts to customers with security systems, which is an added bonus.
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