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Don't Lose The Small Stuff

According to a study observed by Lookout, a mobile security company, Americans lose an average of one cell phone a year. The small crevices between our couch cushions agree: our possessions are constantly finding themselves, well, lost.

How often do you experience the feeling of having something in your hand and, in a moment of absentmindedness later, look down to find it mysteriously vanished? This phenomenon haunts our daily routines, filling mornings with maniacal races around the house searching for car keys. In more drastic cases, the frustrated pursuit of a wallet can leave us vulnerable to larger threats; when these items are misplaced, the consequences can cause never-ending ripples in our overall security.

Cue the infinite race to make our lives easier via technology. From keeping track of our personal items, to ensuring the safety of our children, unique devices are being paired with mobile apps to create a virtual pocket, where nothing can fall too far out of our grasp.

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Price: $24.95 for pre-order; $29.95 retail

The newest of the bunch, Guardian uses a bluetooth low-energy tech to keep track of your kids. Using an app on your smartphone, the device actually tracks your child, and by using the low-energy technology, doesn't need to be charged constantly. The Taiwan-based company behind Guardian, BeLuvv, claims that the device can last for four months to a year, compared to about 24 hours for most GPS trackers. The product is currently available for pre-order, and will begin shipping in November of 2014. 


Price: $29.99 + monthly fee of $2.99

Pooya Kazeroui, creator of Linquet, wants to avoid the loss of possessions entirely. Where most tracking devices simply find lost or stolen items, Linquet works to stop such a mishap. Embodied by a thin square you can attach to any small item, the device connects to your smart phone via a Bluetooth wireless radio. Imagine your phone and other valued possession linked by an invisible string. Once the two items are separated too far, the string snaps and both objects sound off an alarm.

Amber Alert GPS

Price: $199.00 + activation fee of $19.99 + mobile app fee of $3.99/$6.99

Not exactly a tracker for lost items, the Amber Alert GPS locates children when they wander into a crowd—or worse. It uses a small device that can be attachable via a lanyard or pouch. Supplemented by a mobile app, you can track multiple devices through the family plan or opt for the single plan, which includes one tracked device. You can even skip the devices altogether if you download the Teen and Parent app, two companion apps that allow older children to be tracked through their phones.

Find My Car Smarter

Price: $25.00

Nothing is more vast and endless than a parking lot when you can't remember where you parked. Find My Car Smarter was created to make that five-story parking garage a little easier to navigate. The device is connected with a free app that automatically remembers where you parked without you having to do anything but lock your car—no, really! Once you turn off your engine, Find My Car Smarter device activates your iPhone app to save the vehicle's location on the GPS feature. When you forget where you parked, simply relaunching the app will allow you to be directed right to your car. Before you purchase this device, Android users beware: the app only works for iPhone 5 and 4s.

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Price: $129.99

Like Linquet, Bikn was designed for small personal items that are easily misplaced. Bikn is unique in offering a choice on how to keep track of your possessions, allowing for more personalization than most single-method devices. The system works in three methods, described on Bikn's website: find, leash, and page. Bikn can simply find items through attached tags that allow for the creation of a wireless network, which makes it easy to locate each piece in the network through a GPS tracker. It can also act as a leash between you and your things, or even you and a small child, by notifying you if a distance that you set up is surpassed. Finally, the page option can aid in keeping track of large groups or finding something you misplaced in your home. It sends an alert to the item you are tracking, enabling it to give off a page that you can trace.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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