Korner Provides Home Security At A Discount


Korner: The Newest Home Security Solution

Not everyone can afford a full-fledged security system that’s monitored 24/7. However, that does not mean that households that cannot afford the extra monthly payments have to go without security. We’ve learned that from the recent onset of small home monitoring systems like Piper and Canary. For the frugal at heart, there is now another low cost home security option. Its name is Korner and it is one of the newest innovations in the home monitoring sector.

Though Piper and Canary began with the same concepts, Korner is a tad bit different than these systems. Unlike its competitors, Korner’s $99 system solely runs on door and window sensors, which alert you in the event of an unexpected or forced entry to your home through the Korner smart phone app. While the system cannot take more than 15 sensors and cannot connect with video streaming or other home security devices, Korner hopes to add these products over time.

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How It Works

Just like a regular home security system, you install Korner’s sensors to the entrances of your home, be they windows or doors. Unlike other home security sensors, however, you don't have to worry about the door piece aligning with the frame piece. The sensor sticks to the corner of your door or window and is easily removable if you move. These sensors connect to a fob, which plugs directly into your wireless router. This fob communicates with your smart phone application to let you know when a break in has occurred. It also sounds a siren in the event of a break in to scare off the burglar and alert anyone inside the home.

The setup for this system only takes a few minutes. All that you need to do is hook up the Korner sensors to your windows and doors, plug in the fob to your router, and download the application. You can sync your contacts to give your close friends and family members an alert if someone breaks in, but it is not required. You will also be given the option of alerting the police once your alarm goes off, so you are secure on multiple fronts.


But this system is not perfected. For example, Korner doesn't offer video monitoring or syncing with any other home security devices. If you would like those systems, you will have to purchase, set up, and download their app separately. Additionally, the fob can only connect to the sensors if they are within 100 feet of each other, so this system isn't good for large homes. Be sure to measure the distance between your doors and windows to your router before purchasing the application.

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Should You Buy It?

Korner is not for everyone. The primary audience for this system is students, older adults, and people in general who cannot afford or do not want a full-fledged home security system. If you are interested in a simplistic, easy to set up, and affordable home security system, Korner is right for you. If you are interested in more complex systems with more add-ons, features or 24/7 monitoring of your system, Korner is probably not for you. For more information on Korner, visit their indiegogo page.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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