Kuna: An Outdoor Light Turned Home Security Camera

IoT Home Security Can Now Monitor Outside Your Home Too, With Kuna

Surprisingly enough, among the IoT home security devices appearing on the home automation market, there’s a lack of outdoor based devices like security cameras. Of course, there’s a wide range of traditional outdoor security cameras and systems to choose from, many of which can even be connected to your smartphone or computer with some tinkering. However, many of these traditional outdoor security cameras are clunky and difficult to access, often with memory cards which must be removed in order to watch recorded footage. The convenient, instant video streaming we see with indoor IoT devices, such as Dropcam and Piper, is pretty difficult to achieve with traditional security systems, which is why a recently announced IoT security device has been generating a lot of interest. Kuna, a multi-purpose smart security camera, popped up on indieGogo in late October and has already raised more than triple its original goal of $50,000. The system stands out as one of the only currently existing outdoor smart home security systems, but it also offers a couple other innovative security features. SEE ALSO: The Insider's Guide To Wired Vs Wireless Home Security

Preventative Security And Monitoring

One of the most exciting features about Kuna is simply that it’s an outside home security camera. Existing IoT home security devices often offer live streaming of what’s going on in your home directly to your phone: this is a useful monitoring feature, but one that’s significantly less productive for preventing burglaries or break-ins. Kuna, however, allows you to see a live stream of what’s going on in front of your door, and can send alerts and footage to your phone any time it detects motion. It’s because of this that Kuna is touted, on its indieGogo page, as the “first home break-in preventative solution.” The system can become a pretty solid way to keep intruders from even getting access to your home. The CEO and co-creator of Kuna, Sai-Fan Wu, commented that burglaries usually involve a similar plan of attack - the burglar approaches the front door, knocks, and if there’s no answer, proceeds to the back door. If Kuna is installed at both your front and back door, the system can detect this pattern of behavior and immediately send a high-priority alert, at which point the police can be called.

Other Unique Features

The camera also boasts features which can recognize the motion it sees - Kuna can distinguish between the movements of objects like clouds, trees, or animals, and identifies that motion as distinct from people. It also recognizes the motion patterns of humans, and can distinguish between someone entering the house, leaving the house, or a visitor waiting in front of the door. Kuna then sends alerts accordingly, with its recognition system minimizing unnecessary or redundant alerts. Kuna also comes with an intercom and speaker, complete with two-way audio. This means that not only can the device be used as an alarm or a siren if necessary, but it can also function as an intercom accessible from a push-to-talk button on your smartphone. The system can even be set to play pre-recorded voice messages, so when someone’s at your door you can identify who it is from your phone and play an appropriate message through the intercom - for example, you can play a message that tells the delivery guy to leave the package on the front steps. SEE ALSO: 4 Home Security Devices You Should Be Paying Attention To

Packing All These Features Into An Outdoor Light Fixture

The camera and intercom features of Kuna are built elegantly into an outdoor light, making the device more visually pleasing than traditional outside security cameras, and also pretty easy to install. The hassle of wired cameras is eliminated because of Kuna’s light-fixture-based structure: the system can easily replace your existing outdoor light fixture, and then connects to your phone through Wi-Fi. Of course, the accompanying outdoor light also has motion detection, remote-control, and schedule features controllable from smart phones. The system also comes in two different colors and three styles, in an attempt to more smoothly match with your architecture or decor. Kuna is set to be released to the public early next year, with a price tag of $269 per unit. The company also offers a monthly subscription service for $5 a month to transfer and store the footage Kuna records in the cloud.
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