Louisiana Crime Rates


Crime rates in Louisiana dropped significantly from 2009 to 2010, with decreases in every category. There was a 14.6 percent drop in violent crime, a 16 percent drop in robbery, a 14.8 percent drop in aggravated assault, and a 15.4 percent drop in auto-theft.

Unfortunately, Louisiana still posted crime rates that were higher than the national average in all categories except forcible rape, robbery and auto-theft. Louisiana had 11.2 murders per 100,000 people, compared to 4.2 nationally.

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Louisiana And High Crime

While law enforcement in Louisiana scrambles to find ways to continue to lower its crime rate, it remains the prison capital of the United States,and with a $182 million for-profit prison system, the world as well. However, a constant flow of inmates is needed in order to stay profitable.

Lobbyists for prisons keep reform from happening if the proposed reforms could result in fewer inmates. One in 86 Louisianians is behind bars, which is double the national average. Further disgracing Louisiana's law enforcement, Jason Cantrell, New Orleans assistant city attorney, had a marijuana joint fall out of his pocket while discussing a private case with a police officer. He was suspended.

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Best And Worst

The safest city in Louisiana was Gonzales. With a population of 9,738 people, Gonzales had only nine violent crimes, no murders, rapes, instances of property damage, arson or burglary. None of the cities in the top five had more than 20,000 people, the largest being Zachary with 15,696.

The other cities to win the title of safest cities in Louisiana were Harahan, Westwego and Springhill. The most dangerous city in Louisiana was Mansfield. With a population of 5,339, Mansfield had 144 violent crimes and 347 instances of property damage. Hammond, Bogalusa, Bastrop and Alexandria rounded out the top five most dangerous cities in Louisiana.

New Orleans, Batton Rouge, Lafayette and Sheveport, the largest cities in the state, did not make the list of most dangerous, but only because of deplorable numbers in those small cities that did make the list. Overall, these cities are still relatively dangerous when compared with cities across the nation.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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