What You Need To Know About Home Invasions


Home invasions are a huge fear among many U.S. residents, with good reason. This has sparked a growing interest in home security systems. Each year, on average, 8,000 families in North America have their home violated each and every day.These numbers are staggering. Even more staggering are some of the negative consequences of these home invasions.

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The Numbers About Violent Crimes:

There are some things to fear even more than the simple invasion of privacy with having strangers in your home, and going through your possessions during home invasions. The fear that harm will come to your family, your friends, or yourself as a result of one of these break-ins can be overwhelming.

  • One violent crime takes place in the U.S. every 25 seconds.
  • One aggravated assault occurs every 40 seconds.
  • One forcible rape takes place every 6.2 minutes.

These numbers are sobering indeed, especially when considering how often invasions such as this take place in the U.S. However, this is not meant as a scare tactic but as encouragement to take action now to protect your loved ones.

Protecting Your Family From Invasions

You can lower the risk of invasions in your home. Bear in mind, that there is no deterrent that offers a one-hundred percent guarantee against home invasion; there are too many mitigating factors involved. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk to your family of an emergency situation taking place, and in the event that one does happen.

  • Create an escape plan.

Having a defined path out of the house is important not only for home invasions but also for fires, tornadoes, and countless other potential disasters that could occur. Every family needs an emergency plan that covers all bases and provides a contact person and/or designated meeting place.

  • Install a monitored Home Alarm System.

Most of the time, home invasions are crimes of convenience. Alarm systems are inconvenient. You want to make your home as inconvenient as possible to potential burglars.

  • Keep your grounds well-lit.

Most break-ins occur during the night. Motion-sensored lighting in corners and dark areas around windows add yet another layer of deterrence and difficulty that people looking to rob your home will need to overcome.

  • Take a self-defense class together as a family.

You'll not only get an education on how to defend yourself as individuals, but also things you can do as a family to avoid becoming potential "victims" of someone intent on committing violent crimes.

Home invasions happen far more often in the United States than anyone would like. While there is nothing you can do that will eliminate the possibility completely, there's no reason you should make it any easier for home invaders to target you, your family, or your home.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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