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NextAlarm Enhances Security

NextAlarm works to enhance a customer’s current security system, as well as provide customers with new security services. Without any hidden fees, term contracts, or cancellation fees, NextAlarm offers alarm monitoring services at reasonable rates. NextAlarm protects their customers by providing them with a variety of security options, while working with the customer’s previous security setups. SEE ALSO: How Keeping Your Family Safe Can Save You Money

Service Areas

NextAlarm provides alarm monitoring services, sensory accessories, video camera surveillance, video archive, and live feed access to customers across the United States. With NextAlarm, customers can choose to personally monitor their homes, or they can choose to have a monitoring center alert them in case of an emergency.


Customers benefit through security system customization, monitoring services, and wireless security surveillance access without the hassle of long-term contracts, or switching security systems completely. When switching to NextAlarm, customers make the decision to enhance their current security instead of starting from scratch. To stay directly connected with the customer, NextAlarm offers live video access via the NextAlarm app, and emails the customer notifications of security status.


NextAlarm uses the Abbra-R security system which can be connected via VoIP internet, or through their featured wireless system. Abbra-R provides the following services:
  • 24/7 Monitoring from NextAlarm operators
  • Email Notifications
  • Pre-Programmed Sensors
  • Text Message Notifications
  • Arm/Disarm Online or through the Phone App
  • Real-Time Sensor Status
  • Video Surveillance
Connections through a basic phone line do not offer Arm/Disarm, Real-Time Sensor Status, or Video Surveillance.


NextAlarm allows the customer to decide what their needs are with no hidden fees or long-term commitments. Upon choosing NextAlarm, the customer can customize their system with the following:
  • An alarm system with up to 40 sensors such as smoke detectors, motion sensors, and panic buttons
  • An alarm broadband adapter that converts any alarms system to work over the Internet
  • A wireless bridge that supports WiFi
  • Video cameras
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There are three categories of security plans: NextAlarm Monitoring Services, Next View Video Surveillance, and Bundled Services. If the customer already has a security system, NextAlarm works with their current equipment and offers added services or accessories. NextAlarm Monitoring Services give the customer options on how to upgrade their current security setup. If the customer needs video monitoring, NextView Video Surveillance provides wireless security cameras and video surveillance options. And if the customer needs both services, NextAlarm bundles the two at discounted rates. Each plan caters to the customer’s needs. Instead of boasting a streamline security system of their own, NextAlarm emphasizes security enhancement. NextAlarm enhances the functionality of current security, provides monitoring services, and enables the customer to determine their security needs.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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