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Through Piper's Fisheye Lens: Carla De Ciccio Speaks About Home Automation And Security

Piper, a new home automation and security system, reached its funding goal for production. Though other home surveillance systems, such as the Canary, have a launch date in 2014, Piper is making its investors wait worth the while. While Piper is not currently available to order, it will be once their online site is updated. With built in features such as temperature, light, and humidity sensors, which can all be controlled remotely from your smart phone or tablet, Piper is upping the home security system game and causing people to rethink home monitoring.

InMyArea.com sat down with Marketing and Communications Coordinator Carla De Ciccio to discuss Piper’s design, its capabilities, and its cost.

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InMyArea.com: Piper’s design is sleek and functional. What inspired its design and how does it promote Piper’s functionality?

Carla De Ciccio: Piper was inspired by new connected home products like Nest that are functional yet look amazing in your house. They add to its decor instead of taking away. We wanted Piper to be a piece that people are proud to display in their homes, and we think we achieved that. Piper can be placed on pretty much any surface (shelf, window sill, counter, table, etc.) or be mounted on a wall. It looks discreet and appealing anywhere and is available in both black and white.

InMyArea.com: One unique feature of Piper is its home automation capabilities, including temperature control, humidity, and light control. Will home automation cost extra? How does this aspect of the device interact with Piper’s central device?

Carla De Ciccio: Home automation does not cost extra as it is part of the core features built in Piper. Piper is packed with sensors; Passive infrared motion sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, ambient light sensors, and an accelerometer. Piper also extends the performance of the security system and automation by enabling Z-Wave sensors or switches with the Z-Wave chip/controller built into Piper. These elements work with Piper in the sense that users can build rules in order to trigger an action. For example, if the temperature levels are too high, your air conditioner that's plugged into a Z-Wave module can turn on, or if sound or motion is detected, Piper can turn on lights.

InMyArea.com: The Piper application is available for smart phone or tablet. What will this application offer? How is the app working so far?

Carla De Ciccio: The app allows users to see what is going on in the space where they have installed Piper. It allows you to pan and zoom around to see the whole scene with Piper's 180° fisheye lens video camera and allows for recording capabilities. You can also use the Piper app as a home automation remote by setting rules or manually turning on and off devices. You can use those same rules for creating alerts, to receive text messages, push notifications, and emails based on security modes such as home, away, or on vacation. Finally, you can see stats and graphs about your home environment's temperature, humidity, ambient light, and sound levels.

InMyArea.com: Let’s talk security. How is Piper different than a home security system or a webcam motion detector?

Carla De Ciccio: Piper is different from traditional security systems because it is easily customizable and user controlled. There is no third party involved, meaning that users monitor their homes themselves: they receive alerts in the form of text messages, emails, phone calls, or push notifications and can then see a video of the security event that Piper recorded. No getting charged for false alarms and you get real visibility into exactly what happened at home. Traditional security systems are also much more expensive and have long contracts. Piper is affordable and has no monthly contract, which is especially good for people who rent and live in apartments/condos.

As for webcams/IP cameras, Piper is packed full of sensors and intelligence (motion detector, siren, two-way audio, environmental sensors) that a simple webcam doesn't have. We have not seen any other options out there that have such an incredible panoramic HD camera with electronic pan, tilt, and zoom. Piper is completely unique in this way. Combine that with an app that lets you set security rules depending on whether you're at home, away, or on vacation, and you have a full security system that IP cameras don't even come close to.

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InMyArea.com: What motivated your company to offer Piper without a monthly commitment? It seems like you could easily charge with all the features Piper offers.

Carla De Ciccio: There is no monthly fee for Indiegogo backers. In the future, we plan to charge customers a small monthly fee for extended features.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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