Piper Offers Home Security For Any Household


Piper Home Monitoring

With its sleek and compact design, Piper offers security for homeowners and apartment renters alike. The innovative device requires no monthly fees beyond its flat price of $209 ($219 for the black version), and is trailblazing the path towards a more portable and design-savvy home security system.

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Service Areas

Piper can be shipped to anywhere in the US or Canada, with special packages available for European and other international customers.


Built for smart home automation and remote monitoring, Piper is highly customizable. Syncing with your smartphone, the device keeps you informed on the status of your home, and at the same time, avoids unnecessary disturbances for false alarms. For instance, special detection capabilities are available for pets or regular visitors who would otherwise set off alerts.

The corresponding program on your phone can also customize how you want to be alerted. Decide whether you want to be notified of a broken window via email, text message, phone call, or all of the above. Don't forget; Piper is also capable of remote monitoring and two-way audio, which means you can keep watch of your residence while you're away and interact with anyone that comes into screen view.


Piper comes in glossy white with grey accents or an all-black version and works effortlessly with iPhones, Androids, or tablets. Equipment includes:

  • HD Panoramic Video
  • Environmental Sensors
  • ARM Processor Running Linux
  • Z-Wave Controller
  • Passive Infrared Motion Sensor
  • High Quality Microphone

Since Piper is a single device, these utilities are built into the product and do not require additional fees.

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Piper's sleek make-up allows it to flow with the layout of any interior space. Its subtle and unassuming exterior masks its immense internal capabilities, which includes a 180 degree fish-eye camera lens and an ability to work with hundreds of Z-Wave add-on accessories.

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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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