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Procom Cares About Home Security

Unlike many of its competitors, Procom’s aim is to serve its customers quickly and efficiently and secure them against home-related threats.  Because of their local service, Procom has a “rock solid guarantee” it strives to uphold.

Service Area

Procom services Salt Lake City and other cities in Utah. Contact Procom to see if your city is covered. SEE ALSO: Easy Ways To Repurpose Old Technology Into New Home Security Devices


Procom offers traditional and advanced security monitoring options for your home. Options include:
  • Basic Phone Line Monitoring: uses an analog phone to connect your security system to a control center
  • Two-Way Voice Monitoring: Allows a security dispatcher to listen to your home over an intercom after an intrusion
  • Cellular Monitoring: A cellular signal connects to your security system, so even if your phone line is cut during an intrusion, the alarm will continue to sound
  • IP Monitoring: The security system connects to your Internet and signals are transmitted over the Internet when the alarm is triggered
  • Total Connect Remote Access: An upgrade from Cellular or IP monitoring, this service allows you to control your alarm system from anywhere in the world through the Internet. It includes customized emails sent to you in emergencies, an application for smart phones, and a website to log into through your laptop


Procom is an authorized seller of Honeywell security products. Technology changes based on the plan you choose, but in general, technology for Procom security systems include:
  • A keypad
  • Door sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Key remotes
  • A siren
  • Window decals


As a local retailer, Procom is invested in keeping its customers satisfied. Their “Rock Solid Guarantee” includes:
  • Quoted Price Guarantee: the price of your security system will not change from your quote unless you modify your system
  • 153% Satisfaction Guarantee: Procom offers an unconditional refund, cost-free removal of your system, refund of your installation fee, and a $50 gift card to a restaurant if you are dissatisfied with your system within the first 12 months of having it
  • If the authorities are not notified of a break in, Procom covers your home or business for up to $500 of damage
  • A one year all-inclusive service warranty for your system
  • If Procom doesn’t respond within two hours of your emergency service request and you are in their normal service area, they will give you $50 or a $50 gift card of your choice
  • Procom will never leave your system inoperable. They will put in a temporary system if repairs are required on your current one.
  • False Alarm Fine Guarantee: Procom will pay your false alarm fine or help you get it voided if it was caused by their company
  • If your home security problem’s not fixed the first time you call Procom, they will not charge you to repair it again if it is not done properly the first time
  • Procom’s Mission Critical Security Services: You will have round the clock security
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Plans vary based on the customer’s desires. For more information on the home security plans available in your area, click here.
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Updated on: November 10, 2015

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